How do I subscribe to eXpats services?

Your company must be an MSC Malaysia Status Company. You can refer to this website to find out more information on MSC Malaysia. If your company is an MSC Malaysia Status Company, you will receive an introductory e-mail to subscribe to our services. For Non MSC Malaysia Status company, kindly log in at

Can I collect Reference Visa in other countries instead of going back to country of origin?

Reference Visa is to be collected from the origin country. However, you may collect Reference Visa from other countries provided you are allowed to enter the respective country.

How long does it take to get the Reference Visa from the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate General/High Commission?

Normally it takes 3 to 5 days. The turnaround time for processing depends greatly on respective Malaysian Embassy/Consulate General/High Commission.

Kindly contact them directly for further clarification.

Are there any countries whose citizens are not allowed to apply for the Employment Pass (EP)?

As of now, all citizens are allowed to apply for the Employment Pass (EP). However, approval from Ministry Of Home Affairs, Malaysia is required for Israel citizen to enter Malaysia.

Is there any minimum age requirement for the Employment Pass?

There is no minimum age requirement.

How do I check the status of my application?

For the Authorized Person, application status is available in the eXpats system.

Kindly login http:/

For others, you may check the status of your application with your company Authorized Person.

What is the validity of the approval letter?

The validity is six (6) months.

Can a dependent enter Malaysia later and not together with the main applicant/Employment Pass holder?

A dependent has an option either to enter Malaysia together with main applicant/Employment Pass holder or to enter individually after main applicant is in Malaysia.

What are the charges to be paid to Immigration for Employment Pass and Dependent Pass?

Kindly refer to Immigration Payment.

The Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW) is going back? What I need to do

Company is responsible to cancel the Employment Pass of the FKW as follows:

i. Initiate cancellation process via the eXpats system

ii. Submit the original passport and other documents to eXpats service Centre kindly refer to the cancellation checklist, Checklist for Cancellation of Passes.