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Since its establishment in 1996, MDEC has driven digital transformation and adoption across the public and private sectors in Malaysia.

As the world moves rapidly, MDEC continues to focus on leading Malaysia’s digital economy forward by accelerating:

The fast-evolving landscape of today’s digital economy warrants for a new strategy to remain relevant and ready to boost the economic recovery of Malaysia.

What is Malaysia Digital (MD)?

The Government has introduced Malaysia Digital as the new national strategic initiative to encourage and attract companies, talents and investment while enabling Malaysian businesses and Rakyat to play a leading part in the global digital revolution and digital economy.

This initiative also serves to create substantial digital economic spill-over through equitable access to digital tools, knowledge and income opportunities nationwide

Promoted Sectors

Malaysia Digital is the engine that accelerates the growth of our ecosystem within the nine (9) promoted sectors; and drive digital adoption and opportunities in digital economy via the Malaysia Digital Catalytic Programmes (PeMangkinMD) and other competitive offerings. The 9 promoted sectors are :

  1. Digital Agriculture
  2. Digital Services
  3. Digital Cities
  4. Digital Health
  5. Digital Finance
  6. Digital Trade
  7. Digital Content
  8. Digital Tourism
  9. Islamic Digital Economy

Malaysia Digital’s inclusive approach aims to harmonise the growing Demand of digital solutions with a steady Supply of products and services, whilst continuing to strengthen the Enablers such as talents, infrastructure and regulations.

As digital technology continues to evolve, a robust digital economy ecosystem is represented by the dynamic relationship between Demand, Supply and Enablers. From the growing Demand of digital solutions, steady Supply of product and services, as well as support by Enablers such as talents, infrastructure and regulations, Malaysia Digital’s inclusive approach aims to harmonise these components to ensure a thriving and sustainable digital economy ecosystem.


With the Cabinet’s approval, a Malaysia Digital Coordinating Committee (MD-CC) has been established to coordinate a more efficient and effective governance and operation of Malaysia Digital. The MD-CC is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Digital Malaysia , and the Government impresses on a whole-of-nation approach whilst emphasizes the importance of the involvement of industry players, stakeholders and the community in the implementation of various national policies.

Malaysia Digital Catalytic Programmes (PeMangkinMD)

DE Rantau

DE Rantau aims to establish Malaysia as the preferred digital nomad hub in ASEAN while boosting digital adoption and promoting professional mobility and tourism across the country. Dive into digital adoption, professional mobility, and tourism opportunities today!

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IP360 Metaverse

Metaverse MD IP360 aims to improve Malaysia's digital content industry with a focus on metaverse technology and content creation. Unleash your creativity, accelerate IP development, and expand into new digital horizons!

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National E-Invoicing Initiative

National E-Invoicing Initiative aims to digitalise business invoicing for software and ERP interoperability. Learn more about the National E-Invoicing Initiative and take part in revolutionising how businesses exchange invoices digitally.

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What is Malaysia Digital Status?

The Malaysian Government, through MDEC, will award Malaysia Digital Status to eligible companies to participate and undertake any of Malaysia Digital’s activities.

Malaysia Digital Status companies will be offered to a set of incentives, rights and privileges from the Government, subject to necessary approvals, compliance of applicable conditions, laws and regulations.With greater flexibility and agility in our offerings, Malaysia Digital Status companies can operate, grow, expand, or invest anywhere in Malaysia.

Apply for Malaysia Digital (MD) Status

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Digitalisation of economic activities impacts Rakyat, Business, Investors.




Equitable Access to Digital Tools, Knowledge & Income Opportunities

MDEC shall continue to accelerate digital adoption with MD via the Saya Digital campaign which promotes new digital lifestyle experience, sustainable income opportunities and equitable wealth creation.

The MD initiative and Saya Digital campaign will create a holistic digital journey for the Rakyat to reap digital economy benefits with the right knowledge, skills and tools towards building a robust digital nation.

More than 500,000

Individuals trained

RM 2.8 billion

Total value of revenue generated

Our Services

Malaysia Digital boasts competitive offerings which can benefit you and your business, and they include:

Malaysia Digital Status (formerly known as MSC Status)

The new Malaysia Digital Status offers greater agility for local and international digital companies to choose from competitive fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.

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Malaysia Digital Tax Incentive

An outcome-based tax incentive, offering eligible MD companies with Reduced Tax Rate (RTR) or Investment Tax Allowance (ITA).

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Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Programme (MTEP) is a programme for technopreneurs who want to start a company or move their existing company to Malaysia.

Submit your application HERE

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The import by MD Status companies of multimedia/ICT equipment for direct use in the operation of their MD approved activities may be exempted from import duties and sales tax.

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Discover our dedicated facilities and special programmes that aim to drive innovation to new heights

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Discover the one-stop hub for all your company’s Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW) employment needs

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This release of the Malaysia Digital Industry Report (MDIR) provides a look into the growth of Malaysia Digital (MD) companies in 2021 and H1 2022.



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