National E-Invoicing Initiative

A national digitalisation agenda to improve business efficiency and productivity.


The National E-Invoicing Initiative aims to drive interoperable E-Invoicing by digitalising how businesses send invoices to other businesses, allowing different accounting software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to send and receive e-invoices in a system-to-system manner.

The Benefits



Manual data entry and physical paper handling processes can be eliminated with the implementation of E-Invoicing and as a result helps businesses transact invoices more efficiently and seamlessly with accurate traceability.



With E-Invoicing, billing and calculation errors can be reduced significantly, thus accelerate payments and minimise disputes in irregularities.



The implementation of a compliant interoperable E-Invoicing framework will ensure an organised work process and facilitate effective tax reporting.

MDEC as Malaysia's Peppol Authority

As a Peppol Authority, MDEC plays the role of accrediting Malaysia's Peppol service providers and Peppol ready solution providers, specifying local requirements and technical standards, governing the overall Peppol framework compliance and promote the business adoption of E-Invoicing in Malaysia.

Read more about Peppol here.

before and after e-invoice
Different Manner in Sending and Receiving Invoices
before and after e-invoice
How E-Invoicing Works
e-invoicing flow

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