A joint public-private-academia initiative, Tech Talent @School aims to transform Malaysian youth from digital users to creators in the digital economy by nurturing an interest in technology at a young age.

Central to this initiative is #mydigitalmaker, a movement launched in August 2016 to create a nation of digital innovators amongst school students. The movement inspires students to adopt skills such as coding, app development, and data analytics. The movement also strengthens our students’ problem-solving skills.

Key Strategies

To be successful in developing the future tech talent of Malaysia, we have established two key strategies as follows:

  1. We work with and support the Ministry of Education to integrate computational thinking (CT) and computer science (CS) subjects into the national school curriculum. Both subjects have been rolled out to national schools in 2017.
  2. We partner with the tech industry and academia to nurture and groom talented young Malaysians into future digital innovators.

The Statistics

Malaysia’s push for tech-based education in the national school system has reached new heights, with more than 500,000 students now able to receive proper education over core tech subjects. Here are some key figures as of 2018:


Schools that now offer CT & CS subjects


Teachers trained in CT & CS


Students impacted


Digital Maker Hubs


Industry Partners


Digital Ninjas


Under the #mydigitalmaker initiative, MDEC has spearheaded several initiatives in collaboration with agencies and industry to inspire students, parents and teachers with the potential of digital technologies. These programmes include:

  • #mydigitalmaker Champion Schools

    Designed to provide exposure on digital technology to students and teachers, the #mydigitalmaker Champion Schools prepares Malaysian students with skills of creative thinking and digital innovation that is in line with the direction of Industry 4.0.
  • Education Fund Network

    The Digital Tech Education Fund Network is a network of various education funders collaborating to give high potential students the opportunity to pursue digital tech courses at Premier Digital Tech Institutions in Malaysia.
  • Digital Competency Score (DCS)

    Co-developed by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Digital Competency Score (DCS) gauges the digital competency level of the Malaysian youth towards preparing them for their entry into the workforce.
  • Digital Ninja

    The Digital Ninja programme aims to inspire the future hearts and heads of digital technology companies by exposing students to innovative thinking while honing their skills.


Discover how #mydigitalmaker has helped prepare our students for the digital future.

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