Digital Ninja Programme.


Students aspiring to become Digital Ninjas are put through the paces in a series of labs and competitions that would test and train their prowess in tech and digital making skills where only the best are selected to join the ranks of future digital change makers.

Digital Tech Skills

Design Thinking

Career Awareness

Elevator Pitch

Digital Maker Fair

Presentation Skills

Critical Thinking


Upon completing high school, Digital Ninjas are trained in soft skills, guided on potential higher learning as well as career pathways available to them and familiarise with the selection process faced as they chart their ambitions.

Personal Statement

Resume Writing

Video Editing

Interview Simulation

Effective Communication

Scholarship Advisory


Digital Ninjas experience real industries and work culture during their attachments with industry partners and shadow experienced digital tech professionals. While they deepen their respective passions and interests at the workplace, they are also exposed to social responsibilities and further guided on their career pathways.

Internship Video Showcase

TOT Game Development

Career Guidance

Public Speaking

Now everyone can benefit from the digital economy

#mydigitalmaker movement is a joint public-private-academia initiative led by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in partnership with the Ministry of Education to transform Malaysian youth from digital users to producers in the digital economy.