Dear Valued Clients,


Greetings from eXpats Service Centre!

We refer to the announcement dated 27th December 2021(Ref No: TD–MFS–ANNC–MDEC–169 D2021227) on Reference Visa requirement. We would like to clarify for those who requires visa to enter Malaysia, the visa application can be made via:


1.eVisa online application platform eVisa can be applied from any countries except Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and North Korea. Please refer to https://malaysiavisa.imi.gov.my/ for eVisa application.

2.Malaysian Representative Offices Overseas Reference Visa (Single Entry Visa) can be applied at Malaysian Representative Offices Overseas as stated on MDEC’s Approval letter. Nevertheless, we encourage you to apply for eVisa as it is easier and more convenient for visa application.


Yours sincerely,

eXpats Service Centre

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation