30th October 2019

Dear Valued Clients,

Greetings from eXpats Service Centre!

In reference to the earlier announcement (REF: CCFS–MFS–ANNC–MDEC–088 D20190321) dated 21st March 2019, we would like to remind that Transfer of Endorsement (TOE) is COMPULSORY and must be initiated immediately upon obtaining a new passport while the pass is still valid in the old passport. This is to avoid any hassle, such as the Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW) and/or the dependent being stopped by the authority when they want to exit or enter Malaysia.

Please note that, application for TOE must be made via eXpats system and company is responsible to ensure that the FKW and/or dependent follows the process and procedure.

Should you require more information and assistance, please contact us at 03-8315 3106/3157 or e-mail [email protected]