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Greetings from eXpats Service Centre!

We refer to our announcement dated 24th November 2021 (Ref No: TD–MFS–ANNC–MDEC–168 D20211124) on the issuance of the pass sticker. We would like to highlight that the SLA for affixing pass sticker is five (5) working days after receiving the notification from eXpats system and company is responsible to:


1. Delivery of pass sticker Ensure that original passport is available for affixing the pass sticker as per the delivery schedule OR;

2. Collection of pass sticker Ensure to bring the original passport to eXpats Service Centre for affixing the pass sticker as per the appointment schedule. If company is unable to obtain the slot via online appointment, please email [email protected] to obtain manual appointment To comply with this requirement, company is advised to plan accordingly and proceed with the Endorsement Process (Stage 2) when the Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW) is in Malaysia and the original passport is available so that the pass sticker can be affixed to the passport within the stipulated period.


Please note for method No.1, MDEC will assist to deliver the pass sticker to the company only twice and failure to provide the original passport during the second delivery, the company is required to bring the passport to eXpats Service Center within five (5) working days after receiving notification from eXpats system.


Should you require more information and assistance, please email us at [email protected].  


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eXpats Service Centre

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation