Dear Valued Clients,
Greetings from Expats Service Centre!
In line with the announcement made on 24th November 2021 on the new process for endorsement of pass, please be informed that effective from 17th October 2022(Monday) the endorsement process at Expats Service Centre - Northern Branch will be as follows:
  1. Company to initiate online endorsement process and MUST upload documents for endorsement purposes.
    Please refer to the checklist in Expats website -
  2. Company must bring original passport to Expats Service Centre to be affixed with the pass sticker.
With the implementation of the new endorsement process, company MUST observes the followings:
  1. For application that the Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW) is outside Malaysia, company may initiate online endorsement once FKW has entered Malaysia and entry stamp has been uploaded.
  2. Company MUST bring the original passport within 5 working days after receiving the notification that the sticker is ready to be affixed on the passport.
  3. Email appointment will be sent to the company and company MUST confirm the appointment before visiting our Expats Service Centre-Northern Branch
  4. Company MUST ensure that the passport is in a good condition to affix the sticker.
Please note that with this new process, MDEC will no longer keep the passport from 17th October 2022 for submission
of endorsement.
However, for online endorsement application submitted before 17th October 2022, company may proceed to submit the original passport following the current process until 28th October 2022 (Friday).
Should you require more information and assistance, please email us at [email protected].
Yours sincerely,
Expats Service Centre
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation