Dear Valued Clients, Greetings from Expats Service Centre!
We refer to announcement (CCFS–MFS–ANNC–MDEC–100 D20191030) dated 30th October 2019. Please be
informed that any Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW) and the dependents who has obtained a new passport while the current pass (Employment Pass/Dependent Pass/Social Visit Pass) is still valid, Transfer of Endorsement (TOE) to the new passport is COMPULSORY. Any pass in the old passport is considered invalid once a new passport is obtained.
Effective 15th January 2023, the TOE application MUST be made via Expats system and manual submission via Immigration counter is no longer allowed. Company must ensure that the TOE process has been completed prior to submission of new/renewal application.
We seek company cooperation to ensure that the FKW and/or dependent comply with the process to avoid any operational and technical issues related to the TOE process and/or any pass application.
Should you require more information and assistance, please contact us via email at [email protected] or contact us at 03-8315 3106/3157.
Yours sincerely,
eXpats Service Centre
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation