BNM Assistance for SMEs

Published on 12.09.22
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Bank Negara Malaysia has established a series of assistance in the form of reports, guides and frameworks aiming to assist SMEs embrace sustainable solutions to further enhance and advance their business operations in line with new sustainable policies.

BNM’s Fund For SMEs

Following the Budget 2022 announcement, the Bank is committed to further increase the allocation under the BNM's Fund for SMEs by RM4.5 billion, bringing the total available funds as at mid-September 2021 to RM11.2 billion.

To access further information on the available fund options, please click here

Value-based intermediation Sectoral Guides

Through these guides, BNM aims to provide impact-based risk management guide and tools for financial institutions in financing economic activities for better appreciation by businesses. Six (6) sectors guidelines have been published - renewable energy, energy efficiency, palm oil, manufacturing, construction and oil and gas.

To access further information on the available guides, please click here

Joint Committee on Climate Change (JC3) Report on the Sustainable Finance Landscape in Malaysia

The Climate Change (JC3) Report is an assessment of sustainability practices and product offerings in the financial sector.

To access further information on the assessment, please click here

2021 Value-based Intermediation (VBI) Report

An insightful report that provides readers a quick overview of the report and the significant contribution of the VBI sector to the country’s socio-economic recovery amidst the most challenging period in the national history

To access further information on the report, please click here

Value-Based Intermediation For Takaful Framework

The framework aims to encourage industry players towards achieving growth that is sustainable and meaningful for all stakeholders. In the effort to create a positive socio-economic impact, Takaful Operators (TOs) aspire to become a major influence on the realisation of prosperity and Maqasid Shariah.

To access further information on the report, please click here

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