Collaboration: The Key to Developing a Sustainable Digital Economy

Published on 12.09.22
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There are not many second chances in life and taking care of this big blue planet that we call home, constitutes as one of them.

One cannot deny that the digital technology plays an important role in our continued efforts to tackle the adverse effects of climate change. The World Economic Forum suggests that digital technologies can help reduce global emissions by 15 percent across a wide range of industries.

We at MDEC recognises our role in addressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in the digital sector. As the lead agency of the nation’s digital economy, it is our duty to enable digital businesses to learn more about ESG’s importance and to help them to take affirmative action.

I firmly believe that the scale of the challenge facing us means that managing ESG risks is no longer just “the right thing to do” but an absolute necessity for every business within the digital economy ecosystem.

One of the measures taken is the introduction of a dedicated MDEC microsite that focuses on ESG and its relevance to the digital economy.

Through Malaysia Digital, MDEC is set to play a pivotal role in positioning the digital economy at the heart of the nation’s economic sustainability. MDEC has developed this resource for digital businesses to support this new national strategic initiative and in response to heightening expectations around ESG issues and increasing demands for disclosure of their impact on business operations.

There is increasingly strong evidence that companies that put sustainability at their core outlast and outperform the competition, delivering business benefits across the board, from enhanced reputation to strengthening resilience and competitiveness.

At the same time, MDEC recognises that some businesses, particularly SMEs, may find it difficult to relate sustainability to their own business.

I hope that the resources presented here will provide the information and guidance needed to enable you to take the decision to commit.

Environment, the “E” in ESG, is perhaps the first area that comes to mind for most businesses. Given this, MDEC has developed the Malaysia Digital Climate Action Pledge (MDCAP) in partnership with the UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCNMB) to help digital companies take practical steps to reduce their carbon footprint. By taking the Pledge, businesses will have access to a range of practical resources, including e-learning, a climate action guidebook, and a carbon toolkit to help make strategic decisions and to take informed action.

Take the pledge today and join us in building a sustainable future for all of us.

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