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Now Everyone Can Benefit From The Digital Economy

The eRezeki program enables citizens, especially low-income groups, generate additional income by doing digital assignments via online Sharing Economy platform. The eRezeki participants will be matched with digital work in line with their respective skills.

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Digital Micro Task

Simple task involving data entry, processing images or actions that required non-specific high level of skills to perform. Tasks can be performed and completed within few minutes.

  • Data entry of online forms
  • Removing duplicated data
  • Photo / image review
  • Download-install tasks
  • SEO related tasks

Digital Works

Digital work is an online platform for freelancers to get hired and get paid. Our freelancer can be an individual, an enterprise or private limited company. After registration, you can choose ton of jobs to place your bid. Once hired and completed the job, the payment will then be transfer to your bank account. The best part as a freelancer, you are freely working from anywhere or anytime you wish and get the agreed payment. It guarantees no pressure at working place, and you can choose any job suits with your skills and expertise.

  • Development of a website
  • Mobile application development
  • Creation of logo
  • Graphic designs
  • Software testing
  • Audio/Video transcription work
  • Document format conversion

Digitally-Enabled Task

Works / tasks such as survey, running errands or domestic services which online but has to be performed offline / on-site.

  • Conducting survey
  • Products price watch
  • Event part-time crews
  • Running errands
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Cleaners

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