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The ‘GLOW PEMULIH’ program aims to help workers who have been retrenched, had their salaries cut in excess of 50% and unemployed graduates affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ‘GLOW PEMULIH’ program targets participants to successfully become a full-time ‘digital freelancer’ who will perform work assignments from the global market as their primary source of income.



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What is Global Online Workforce (GLOW)?

Global Online Workforce (GLOW) is customised training programme for aspiring Malaysians to take up freelancing as a career and become digital freelancers. Our programme will assist new or existing freelancers in their bid to secure international jobs and project on global freelance platforms.


Empower you to thrive in your career as a Global Remote Worker

Financial Independence
Earn income by winning “high-value” projects and be your own boss.
Flexible Lifestyle
Attain healthier work-life integration. Spend more time on yourself, family, and friends. Enjoy the freedom and meaningful activities such as hobbies.
Fulfilling Career
Freelancing provides a huge opportunity to diversify your skillset and client base. You can choose whatever project you want to work on, where you want to work and who you want to work with.

Freelancing Career Path

Beginner Stage


Begin your independent reputation and client base using reliable and trusted freelancing platforms.

Proficient Stage

Remote Worker / Digital Nomad

Once you’re able to build a strong and lasting relationship with your client, consider fixed-term contract and work with teammates across the globe while enjoying the freedom of location.

Advance Stage

Digital Agency / Industry Expert

Take lead on bigger projects, become an expert advisor for clients and play the role to help other freelancers grow and perform.


Collaboration with Me.reka

The Me.reka Digital Entrepreneur is offering RM 640,000 in fully-funded scholarships to B40 communities interested in digital upskilling to find employment in the digital and gig economy!




Who is it for?




Experienced Worker

Person with Disabilities





Who do we work with?

In strengthening the supporting ecosystem for Malaysian freelancers, we work and collaborate with extensive range of partners, which include local and international freelancer platforms, community channels and NGOs, universities and training institutions, government organisations, co-working space operators, as well as associations and clubs.


We work with international and local platform partners to provide assurance for our freelancers to bid for jobs / projects in a safe and secure digital environment.

We and partners provide several working spaces for all freelancers to utilize as their hangout venues as well as their working stations. These places will be monitored by our Subject Matter Experts that will also provide guidance for those who wants to learn and explore more about the GLOW Program.

GIG Centres
We partner with selected Universities to create a centre that is conducive for students to learn about freelancing and perform desired freelancer works. A GIG Centre manager is appointed from our pool of Master Trainers to provide students with hands-on coaching at every centres.

As part of the Digital Inclusion initiative, our programme strives to provide social impact for the community through our collaboration with NGOs, people with disabilities group, women, and youth groups.

Many of the corporations have started to leverage on digital freelancing platforms as it offers more hiring flexibility, transparency and not to mentioned more cost saving . MDEC has been assisting Platform Partners to co-create with these corporations in bridging the gap of manpower required to serve the needs of corporations.

To better support the freelancer ecosystem in Malaysia, we are working closely with several associations and NGOs in providing the safety net for the freelancers or to train and upskill their members.

As part of the Digital Inclusion initiative, our programme strives to provide social impact for the community through our collaboration with NGOs, people with disabilities group, women, and youth groups.



This fundamental programme provides guidance on generating income online as a freelancer.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I get started with GLOW programme?

All you need to get started is a complete profile registration and amazing skills.

2. What are the differences between GLOW and GLOW PEMULIH program?
Global Online Workforce (GLOW) is the main program and GLOW Pemulih is a special initiative to provide intensive training to specific target communities within a stipulated timeframe. It is an intensified program with 6 months of mentoring and coaching. GLOW Pemulih is only open to unemployed Graduates, retrenched workers and workers facing salary cut above 50%.
3. Are there any fees imposed to participate in GLOW?
It is free of charge to join GLOW.
4. What is the minimum requirement to participate in GLOW?
  • First things first, you need to be computer savvy
  • English language proficiency is also very important since you will be interacting with international client
  • Possess specialised in-demand skill sets (please refer to the list)
  • Last and not least, most important requirement is your commitment, determination and perseverance.
5. Who provides the training?
Our trainers are experienced freelancers with successful background who will also provide a virtual mentoring until you successfully win project bidding in the platform.
6. Do you provide technical / specialised skill training?
No. We do not provide technical / specialised skill training.
7. Is there any age limit to join GLOW?
GLOW is open to Malaysians who are 18 years old and above.
8. Is GLOW open to non-Malaysians?
No. A valid MyKad number is required for registration.
9. I have earned some income after GLOW programme, do I need to pay?
No, your earnings are solely yours.