Digital Train
& Place (DTP)

Our training incentive is up to
RM6,000 per pax & placement


Digital Train & Place (DTP) is an initiative aimed at incentivising unemployed individuals in Malaysia to undergo training and find employment opportunities in the digital technology industry. ​ DTP empowers jobless Malaysians by providing high-demand digital skills, facilitated by our trusted training partners in collaboration with MDEC. ​

Our mission is to provide opportunities for sustainable careers and increase earning potential in the digital sector. ​ We aim to create opportunities for individuals to acquire and develop in-demand digital skills through upskilling and reskilling programmes.

Our Focus Area


Build a strong digital career foundation with essential CompTIA skills from PEOPLElogy.

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Cloud Computing

Master cloud computing with AWS for digital career advancement with PEOPLElogy.

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Data Analytics

Develop essential skills in Data Science and earn a reputable certification from Arcitura, Canada for your career development.

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Software Development

JumpStart your career in web development using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and Low-code Development.

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If you are unemployed Malaysian aged
between 18 – 55 years old

Eligibility Criteria

    1. No permanent employment for a minimum of 2 months, or
    2. Unemployed Graduate (unemployed for 6 months after graduation date), or
    3. Retrenched employee
    4. Age between 18 – 55 years old
    5. Meet the selected training prerequisites.

DTP 2023 Journey

Document checklist:

    1. Copy of IC
    2. Final transcript or any documents to prove the completion of study for fresh graduate
    3. Retrenched letter or email for retrenched employees
    4. Unemployed or no permanent employment would be based on a declaration in the form

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