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E‑commerce has exploded exponentially especially in the recent few years. The Department of Statistics Malaysia reported that, Malaysia’s Income on E‑commerce transactions surpassed the RM 1 trillion mark for the very first time in 2021.

With e‑commerce at the front and centre of the Digital Economy, MDEC has developed this E‑Commerce Trend Radar, to ignite interest among policymakers, technologists and businesses and to enhance readiness of all stakeholders to plan, react and adapt to game‑changing shifts in the future.

By understanding current developments and how they may evolve into industry‑changing paradigms, and in line with MDEC’s strategies under Malaysia Digital, MDEC aims to work closely with relevant stakeholders to better understand and assess the opportunities that future trends may bring, to optimise the benefits of the Digital Economy.

Join us to explore the plausible future in e-commerce

Imagining the Future

You are taking your usual morning run in the park.

As you think “appointments today,” your Brain‑Computer Interface (BCI) accesses your calendar reminding you of your best friend, Sara’s birthday party tonight.

You then realize you forgot to order a gift.

With one swift gesture, an interactive visual board pops up in your peripheral vision. You quickly perform some finishing touches to customise a personalised gift for Sara.

You then select a seller offering the shortest turnaround time, ensuring that the item reaches you before your work‑day.

Your morning run continues while Sara's gift is on the way.

11 Game‑Changing Key Drivers

Rapid developments within these identified Technological and Socio-Economic DRIVERS are expected to shape future innovations within the e-commerce ecosystem

Anticipatory Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Blockchain & Distribute Ledger Technologies

eXtended Reality (XR)

Virtual Worlds

Social Commerce

Next Generation Wireless

Green Cloud Computing

Sustainability Agendas

Conscious Consumerism

With our analysis of the e-commerce landscape, the insights shared by leading ecosystem players, and the game-changing key drivers, We have identified...

5 Plausible Future Trends

We invite you to explore the plausible future in e‑commerce

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