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Digital Skill Training Directory is a catalogue of courses and online training providers that have been reviewed and endorsed by a panel of digital industry experts to guide you in selecting courses that meet your career needs for digital economy jobs.

Work & Learn

Remain relevant and competitive in the workforce through upskilling in digital tech part-time or short courses

Career Upgrade

Desiring a career change? Exploring possibilities of a career in digital tech? Here is where it begins with career upgrade courses

Learning on Demand

Learn Anywhere Anytime with these Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Platform Providers

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Free courses offered by MDEC and Top Global Technology Companies.

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It is an initiative by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation to guide Malaysians in their digital upskilling journey, particularly in the areas of Fintech, data science, cybersecurity, software development, game development, animation and digital global business services.
Digital Skills Training Directory provides a catalogue of courses that address in demand digital skills. These courses have been reviewed and endorsed by a panel of digital industry experts to guide Malaysians in selecting courses that meets their career needs for the digital economy.

The Digital Skills Training Directory will list quality and in-demand digital tech training programmes. This list will be validated against the Digital Skills Industry Framework (jointly developed by HRDCORP, MDEC and PIKOM) and verified by industry experts from the digital sectors.

  • To catalyse life-long learning among Malaysians
  • To groom and develop Malaysian talent via reskilling and upskilling in digital tech areasg. Data Science, Cybersecurity, Animation, Game Development, Software Development, Digital Global Business Services, Digital Marketing, Fintech, etc.
  • To identify and promote industry-validated skill development programmes that lead to accelerated pathways to digital tech careers

The Digital Skills Training Directory is meant to be a Directory for fresh graduates and workforce who are interested to be reskilled or upskilled. The Directory convinces potential trainees of the courses/platforms listed as it was endorsed by industry experts. The Directory has courses listed in the following categories:

  1. Work & Learn – 257 courses
  2. Career Upgrade – 35 courses
  • Learning on Demand – 9 platform providers

There is no training incentive/funding provided by MDEC for courses listed on the Directory for year 2021.

However, MDEC has launched MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Tech (MYWiT) in April 2021 and it leverages on the Directory for the training incentive to be reimbursed to companies participating in MYWiT. MYWiT ( provides salary and training incentives for companies to hire unemployment Malaysians for digital tech or digital business services roles. Companies participating in MYWiT who opt for external training can choose from any of the courses listed on the Digital Skills Trianing Directory. The hiring company will need to reach out to the respective training companies listed on the Directory for quotation and include the document when the hiring company submit their MYWiT application.

Below are the details of the salary and training incentive provided by DBS and DTA.

The MYWiT initiative seeks to address unemployment by tapping into the fast-growing sectors, inevitably positioning Malaysia as a competitive location for digital investments. The incentives include:

  • 40% of monthly salary for 6 months (minimum salary: RM2,000),
  • Salary incentive is capped at RM2,600;
  • Up to RM5,000/pax training subsidy for
  • In-house trainings (a minimum of 40 hours of training) OR
  • Up to RM8,000/pax training subsidy for external trainings for
  • Any course listed on MDEC’s Digital Skills Training Directory here.
  • The hiring company will reach out to training provider for quotation as it is required for application submission for the hiring company

Incentives are reimbursed to the employer

Work & Learn

Mostly short courses that will help the existing workforce to remain relevant and competitive in the job market. They can be pursued as part-time courses, i.e. while working or by undergrads, unemployed, etc

There are 6 focus areas :

  1. Data science
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Software Development
  4. Animation
  5. Game Development
  6. Digital Global Business Services

Career Upgrade

Courses that facilitate a career change/upgrade. They consist of in-depth courses that include substantial project-based learning. These are usually taken as full-time courses.

There are 3 focus areas :

  1. Data Science
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Software Development

Learning On Demand

Learn Anywhere Anytime with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Platform           Providers

Please complete the application form made available during the call for submission. All the information obtained in this form will strictly be used only for the purpose of evaluating and selecting courses for the Digital Skills Training Directory.

Courses/certifications submitted will be evaluated by MDEC’s Talent Expert Network (TEN) which comprises industry practitioners. Training providers will be invited for a 3-minute clarification session during the presentation to the TEN.

An email will be sent to short-listed training providers.

Branding and recognition as a training provider which offers qualify and industry-relevant digital tech upskilling or reskilling programmes.

  • Quality of Training Modules
  • Alignment of training course with Industry Skills Framework: Career track and skill outcome
  • Credibility (e.g. authorised certification partners by widely-used technology platforms e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, NX Force, etc)- Is there any Industry Accredited Certification or material used?
  • Track Record/Success Story (number of pax trained and success stories of individual who has taken the course)
  • 2021 Demand Projection for the proposed certification course/certification (what is the basis of this projection? Any 3rd party validation?)
  • Cost or length of the programme meet the industry panel’s expectation – based on the intended outcome of the programme

Interested training providers are encouraged to go through the form and have the details ready before filling up the form.

Thank you for your interest in Digital Skills Training Directory.

There is no exclusive invitation to any company to participate in the directory. It’s a public call for submission which we put up on MDEC’s social media platforms and MDEC website, and all are welcome to apply. We put up these calls from time to time. Kindly follow MDEC social media and get the latest updates on MDEC initiatives.

Courses/certifications submitted will be evaluated by MDEC’s Talent Expert Network (TEN) which comprises industry practitioners. Training providers will be invited for a 3-minute clarification session during the presentation to the TEN in due time. An email will be sent to short-listed training providers.

  • There could be 2 scenarios:

    • We have received overwhelming response and the team is still processing all the applications in batches. If the course submitted by you is shortlisted, you will be invited for a clarification session in due time.

We regret to inform you that the courses which have been submitted did not pass our internal pre-screening process. You will receive a notice email.

Courses/certifications evaluated by MDEC’s Talent Expert Network (TEN) will be processed accordingly. If the application is successful, an endorsement letter will be issued to training providers.

Thank you for your interest. All courses are paid courses.

For funding, under the Digital Skills Training Directory;

  • If you are employed by a company under MDEC’s MYWiT initiative, the employer may claim for training subsidy up to RM8,000. For further details, please click here.
  • If you are unemployed, you may apply from SOCSO for courses with SOCSO logo -
  • If you are working in a company that contributes to Human Resources Development Corporation (HRDC), you may apply for courses with HRDC logo via your company HR.


Terms and condition under SOCSO and HRDC applies.

If you are not a beneficiary under SOCSO and HRDC, you may liaise with the respective training provider directly.

The Training Provider may amend details of the training courses/certifications such as the visual thumbnail, landing page link, increment of duration, reduction of fees, training mode, overview career track within the focus area and similar course name. These changes does not need to go through TEN.

Significant changes such as modules, reduction of duration, increment of fees, course level, prerequisite, skill outcome and accreditation body, requires the course/certification to be re-evaluated by TEN.