As the Digital Economy takes the centre stage around the world, the risk of cybersecurity threats has also become prevalent. With threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for cybersecurity experts have grown exponentially.

In order to meet the ever-growing demand of cybersecurity solutions, we have built collaborations between industry and the government to provide cybersecurity startups with access to technical mentoring, business support and advice. By supporting them, they’ll be able to help grow Malaysia’s cybersecurity industry to new heights.

Malaysia’s Cybersecurity Potential

When it comes to potential in the cybersecurity industry, Malaysia is one of the best ranking countries in the ASEAN region. Here are the details:


Number of cybersecurity professionals in Malaysia as of December 2017


Malaysia’s cybersecurity talent is among the best in the global talent pool


The percentage of women in Malaysian cybersecurity Workforce


Estimated value of Malaysia’s overall security services market in 2021

Our Strategic Initiatives

As part of our vision to drive cybersecurity innovation in Malaysia, we’ve introduced a number of initiatives to help bring together large firms to work with startups and industry experts to develop new technologies:

  • Establish mentorship programs to share domain knowledge, technical and business experience
  • Establish a platform for local solution providers to showcase their solutions, followed by piloting the adoption on the challenges

Our Programmes

In accordance with our initiatives, we’ve partnered up with institutes of higher learning as well as government agencies to launch programmes that help bridge the national talent gap on cybersecurity.

Conducted by Protection Group International (PGI) UK and Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), the Skill-Up Programme sees participants undergoing a five-day course covering various aspects of cybersecurity. Those who successfully complete the course are given the opportunity to attend UK GCHQ certified courses conducted by PGI.

In addressing the talent gap and fast-growing industry demand in cybersecurity, MDEC introduced the Empowering Women in Cyber Risk Management programme. This initiative will look into reskilling women who would like to re-enter the job market for a duration of 3-month.

Watch the video from this link.

For those are interested in this programme, the pre-requisites are as follows:

  • Must be a Malaysian citizen;
  • Has been on career break for more than 6 months; and
  • Has 3 years corporate experience.

To apply, kindly fill in this form.

Deadline: 31st July 2019

Conducted in partnership with ISACA and our Premier Digital Tech Institutions, the NxFORCE Programme is a four-week long cybersecurity programme that aims to train and develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.