Securing the Nation's Digital Ecosystem


As the Digital Economy takes the centre stage around the world, the risk of cybersecurity threats has also become prevalent. With threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for cybersecurity experts have grown exponentially.

In order to meet the ever-growing demand of cybersecurity solutions, we have built collaborations between industry and the government to provide cybersecurity startups with access to technical mentoring, business support and advice. By supporting them, they’ll be able to help grow Malaysia’s cybersecurity industry to new heights.


When it comes to potential in the cybersecurity industry, Malaysia is one of the best ranking countries in the ASEAN region. Here are the details:


Number of cybersecurity talent demand in Malaysia by the year 2020

Source: Frost & Sullivan’s recent digital talent study

Top 10

of job opportunities in Malaysia is related to cybersecurity

Source: Talent Pool Report Pro – Oct 2017


The percentage of women in Malaysian cybersecurity workforce

Source: Dec 2017 LinkedIn Report

USD 632.6M

Estimated value of Malaysia’s overall security services market in 2021

Source: IDC Market Security Product and Services Forecast, 2H16


As part of our vision to drive cybersecurity innovation in Malaysia, we’ve introduced a number of initiatives to help bring together large firms to work with startups and industry experts to develop new technologies:

  • Establish mentorship programs to share domain knowledge, technical and business experience
  • Establish a platform for local solution providers to showcase their solutions, followed by piloting the adoption on the challenges


Through the partnership with industry, government agencies and institutes of higher learning, MDEC has launched several cybersecurity programmes covering industry growth, innovation and talent development.

In providing professionals with the opportunities to gain new knowledge and to move to another emerging tech field related to cybersecurity, cybersecurity professional upskilling programme is introduced.

Commencing in 2018 via collaboration with Protection Group International (PGI) UK and Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), the programme saw participants undergoing a 5-day course covering various aspects of cybersecurity and attending UK GCHQ certified courses for those who successfully complete the course.​

In 2020, the cybersecurity professional are offered the opportunity to be upskilled in domains such as Cloud Security. This way MDEC will be able to help retain the talent in the cybersecurity workforce, which is a step towards developing a sustainable cybersecurity talent pool in Malaysia.
Targeted at tertiary level students, the programme is aimed to bridge the cybersecurity talent gap faced by the industry. Conducted in partnership with ISACA and Institute of Higher Learning, students were given the access to globally recognised certification, hands-on lab, industry sharing session and career mentorship and internship/job placement.​

The short programme has commenced since 2017 and to date, has trained a total of 640 tertiary students to be industry ready.

CYBER100 (“Challenge”) is a Cybersecurity Innovation Challenge Program. This initiative will look into local innovative start-up and scale-up that can come up with solutions to the Top National Cybersecurity Challenges that will be published.

The Challenge is open to any company that fulfils the following criteria:

  • A company incorporated in Malaysia with more than 50% of the shareholder(s) are Malaysian; and;
  • The company should propose local product(s) to resolve the Challenges.

To apply, kindly fill in this form.

Deadline: 15 November 2019