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GLOW Explore the flexibility of becoming part of the Global Online Workforce.

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Earn extra income from any location you are at with just an internet connection.

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Digital Creative Content Creator Studio

Digital Creative Content (DCC) Creator Studio is a partnership programme between MDEC and global/local studios to mutually benefit the digital creative content ecosystem.

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Digital Skills Training Directory

A catalogue of courses addressing in-demand digital skills that have been reviewed and endorsed by a panel of digital industry experts.

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#mydigitalmaker didn’t just arrive. We laboured through years of trying.

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Digital Up

Digital Up offers training subsidies to eligible Malaysia’s existing workforce.

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Tech Talent @ Institutions of Higher Learning

Meet the Premier Digital Tech Institutions who’ve embarked with us on this ambitious journey.

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Digital AgTech

Learn more on how to transform traditional farming into a high-income digital economy profession.

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MDX 2023 is a six-week series of Malaysia’s premier tech event that showcases and elevates the best in Malaysia’s digital economy.

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Digital Train & Place (DTP)

An initiative aimed at incentivising unemployed individuals in Malaysia to undergo training and find employment opportunities in the digital technology industry.

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High Value Gig

Embark on a transformative journey with our 3-month intensive training program, designed to empower participants with the essential skills needed to thrive as accomplished digital freelancers in the dynamic sharing and gig economy.

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