If national schools are where foundations are laid, institutes of higher learning are where these foundations are molded into industry-ready skills. This is the basis behind the launch of the Tech Talent @Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) initiative.

To ensure that future graduates are able to meet the nation’s digital economy demands, the Ministry of Education and MDEC designated 11 universities and five polytechnics as Premier Digital Tech Institutions. These academic institutions are capable of providing students with first-class theoretical and practical training, giving them a head start in the digital ecosystem.


Premier Digital Tech Universities and Polytechnics, known as Premier Digital Tech Institutions (PDTIs), are Malaysia’s leading digital tech-focused tertiary institutions. The PDTIs have a proven track record in producing high quality graduates for digital tech-based high value jobs, via cutting-edge research and education policies, strong industry linkages, and career development and placement services

Borne out of a collaboration between MDEC, the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and industry leaders, the PDTIs deliver end-to-end solutions to ensure that future graduates are propelled into becoming dynamic members of an innovation-driven and knowledge-powered Malaysia.



Talent is one of the most vital components of a robust digital ecosystem. In order to create the right talents, collaboration between industry, academia and government is essential. Below are the initiatives to nurture the talent pipeline:

Digital Tech Faculty Expert Program (DTeX)
DTeX provides a structured program to create a pool of digital tech subject matter experts amongst faculty members of PDTIs and partner universities & to strengthen quality of teaching & learning. It creates a platform for Technology Partners to collaborate with Premier Digital Tech Institutions and partner universities and to be more actively involved in the nurturing and development of industry-ready teach talent from the tertiary education level.
FinTech Academy
Education is one of the best ways to realise potential FinTech talent. MDEC has collaborated with Institutes of High Learning to deliver lectures and modules on FinTech. We have also partnered with local regulators including Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia to conduct regulatory bootcamps on a quarterly basis.
Internship & Employment
Collaboration with industry partners within the ecosystem provides university students with internship and employment opportunities. In addition to that, upskilling programmes are available to equip the industry with job-ready graduates.
Micro Credentials
Micro credentials are certification-style qualifications that individuals (students/public) choose to study to improve a certain skills or competencies, earned through the completion of short and purposeful skills-based learning experiences. They are short, low-cost online courses that provide individuals with a digital certification when complete. The courses are developed by the university, technologies, industry or professional certification bodies. Some individual micro-credentials may be combined, or stacked, to earn full credentials via transfer of credit whilst pursuing tertiary education. Micro-credential also known as Digital badges, Nano degrees, Web badges, Mini degrees or Open badges


Looking to be a future tech talent? Here are the pathways that you can explore.


(Science – Information & Communications Technology)


(Computer Science Modules)

Foundation (IT/Computing)

@Premier Digital Tech Private Institutions

Asasi (IT/Science)

@Premier Digital Tech Institutions

Diploma in Digital Tech Related Courses

@Premier Digital Tech Institutions

Degree in Digital Tech Related Courses

@Premier Digital Tech Institutions