If national schools are where foundations are laid, institutes of higher learning are where these foundations are molded into industry-ready skills. This is the basis behind the launch of the Tech Talent @Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) initiative.

To ensure that future graduates are able to meet the nation’s digital economy demands, the Ministry of Education and MDEC designated 11 universities and 5 polytechnics as Premier Digital Tech Institutions. These academic institutions are capable of providing students with first-class theoretical and practical training, giving them a head start in the digital ecosystem.


Premier Digital Tech Universities and Polytechnics, known as Premier Digital Tech Institutions (PDTIs), are Malaysia’s leading digital tech-focused tertiary institutions. The PDTIs have a proven track record in producing high quality graduates for digital tech-based high value jobs, via cutting-edge research and education policies, strong industry linkages, and career development and placement services

Borne out of a collaboration between MDEC, the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and industry leaders, the PDTIs deliver end-to-end solutions to ensure that future graduates are propelled into becoming dynamic members of an innovation-driven and knowledge-powered Malaysia.



Talent is one of the most vital components of a robust digital ecosystem. In order to create the right talents, collaboration between industry, academia and government is essential. Below are the initiatives to nurture the talent pipeline:

Digital Tech Faculty Expert Program (DTeX)
DTeX provides a structured program to create a pool of digital tech subject matter experts amongst faculty members of PDTIs and partner universities & to strengthen quality of teaching & learning. It creates a platform for Technology Partners to collaborate with Premier Digital Tech Institutions and partner universities and to be more actively involved in the nurturing and development of industry-ready teach talent from the tertiary education level.
Internship & Employment
Collaboration with industry partners within the ecosystem provides university students with internship and employment opportunities. In addition to that, upskilling programmes are available to equip the industry with job-ready graduates.
Micro Credentials
Micro credentials are certification-style qualifications that individuals (students/public) choose to study to improve a certain skills or competencies, earned through the completion of short and purposeful skills-based learning experiences. They are short, low-cost online courses that provide individuals with a digital certification when complete. The courses are developed by the university, technologies, industry or professional certification bodies. Some individual micro-credentials may be combined, or stacked, to earn full credentials via transfer of credit whilst pursuing tertiary education. Micro-credential also known as Digital badges, Nano degrees, Web badges, Mini degrees or Open badges


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