Digital technology companies from Malaysia have powered digital transformation for businesses around the world. Their clients have experienced significant improvements through these technology solutions.

  • Shorten recruitment cycle to 2 week using intelligent career profiling and proprietary automation algorithms​

  • Deliver incremental uplift of more than 700% return-on-ad-spend​

  • Enable business users to create, edit, and scale digital content in 2 minutes​

What Malaysia Can Offer

Industry LeadersConnect with technology

World-Class Solutions​Internationally recognised​
digital solutions

Business Growth​Discover new opportunities
with credible businesses to
promote regional growth

From Start-Up Nation to Regional Unicorns

A promise made in a small nation to make life easier for the larger community​

Malaysian Technology

Simplifying business pain points for a global customer base. World-class digital solutions to address the future enterprise, built on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, and the Internet of Things

Kasatria Analytics

Specialises in data use and AI, and facilitates use cases related to digital marketing optimisation and revenue growth​

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Specialises in data use and AI, and facilitates use cases related to digital marketing optimisation and revenue growth​

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Making design smarter, faster and easier for everyone using AI and data analytics to simplify the creative process

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A MarTech and AdTech company that focuses on digital platforms and tools to market products and services

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An ISO27001:2013 certified AI company helping businesses to widen sales funnel, speed-up processes without paper and prevent frauds​

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A leading provider of talent, career and employment in technology and analytics solutions

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OrangeFIN Asia

Focuses on enhanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution with AI and computer vision

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Core businesses spread across five strategic business pillars - Digital Services, Digital Platforms, Smart Devices, Smart City and Urban Tech​

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MDT Innovations​

Fastest growing deep tech companies in APAC focused on IoT, fintech, AI and digital ID to technovate consumer lifestyles and bring digital transformation in various sectors

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An innovative manufacturing and technology solution provider in automation established in 1991​

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