In order to push the nation’s Digital Economy to new heights, the Malaysian government has drafted a number of policies and roadmaps to strengthen a business environment that provides companies with opportunities for continued growth.

National Industry 4WRD Policy

Learn how we’re supporting the manufacturing sector & related services with their digital transformation plans

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National E-Commerce​ Strategic Roadmap (NESR) 2021 – 2025

Learn how NESR sets the national strategic direction in charting the path for Malaysia’s e-commerce growth​

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National BDA Framework

Learn how we are striving to be the leading regional player in the field of Big Data Analytics

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National DFTZ Initiative

Discover how cross-border eCommerce plays a role in the strengthening of Malaysia’s Digital Economy

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National AI Framework

We’re currently hard at work developing a national framework that would help streamline the nation’s agenda on Artificial Intelligence.


National IoT Framework

Discover how the Internet of Things will play a role in the development of Malaysia’s Digital Economy