The Gateway to Business Digitalisation

An initiative to enable traditional Malaysian businesses in key sectors moving towards digitalisation, improving efficiency and productivity, create new sources of growth, increase in revenue and savings in business cost.

We work with businesses to resolve their business pain points across the ever-changing landscape of digitalisation.

How Does Digitalisation Benefit Your Business ?

Improving efficiency

Digitalisation of routine tasks and processes to enable businesses to reduce significant amount of time needed to complete tasks.

This will free up employees to focus on more important tasks and increase overall efficiency.

Increase in sales

Digitalisation provides digital backbone that can assist businesses to become more innovative by discovering new business ways that will grow sales going forward.

Saving in business cost

Digitalisation can give businesses a significant competitive edge over their competitors. By embracing new technologies and improving business processes, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and reduce business cost.


100 Go Digital Coaching

Choose one key digitalisation area to improve for business

Digital Marketing & Sales

Electronic Point of Sales (ePOS)

HR Payroll System & CRM


ERP/ Accounting & Tax


Remote Working

Boost Your Business With 100 Go Digital

Digital Coaching

A series of coaching workshops to help business attain practical digital adoption guidance

Program Objective

  • Assist SMEs to identify digital needs and solutions needed to increase their efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Provide hands-on and hand-holding guidance on the steps in adopting digital solutions in the SME business model.

100 Go Digital Coaching Program Detail

  • Weekly open day sessions for SMEs to obtain advice and basic information on digital business solutions.
  • Periodic mentoring program sessions to provide intensive training to help business owners to understand the preparations, processes and steps required in digitizing their business.

Empowering the F&B and Retail Industry through Digitalisation

SME Digital Guidebook

SME Digital Quick Guide and SME Digital Guidebook serves as the first point of reference for SMEs interested to embark on digital adoption. Focusing on F&B and Retail sector, it will provide step-by-step guide for business to enhance their digital capabilities, as well as latest trends that will impact SMEs in the digital economy


Expansion through Digitalisation


100 Go Digital is an initiative by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to enable SMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) to go digital.

100 Go Digital Coaching is part of MDEC's continuous efforts to provide hand-holding support on digitalisation for SMEs. It is a series of coaching workshops helping SMEs level up their businesses via digital coaches, while benefiting from the adoption of digital technologies.

After attending the workshop, businesses are expected to achieve one of these outcomes:

  • Gain understanding of their business pain points, impacts and benefits of embarking on the digitalisation journey.
  • Able to outline a digital adoption plan or determine digital business goal.
  • Adopted at least 1 digital solution that enable businesses to
    • Increase sales / revenue.
    • Savings in business cost.
    • Reduce process time cycle.
    • Reduce man/hours.
The participants must be a Malaysian company or businesses registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia.
The 100 Go Digital Coaching Workshop will be conducted by multi-disciplinary Digital Coaches (DC) who are the subject matter expertise in various digitalisation areas with proven track record in assisting businesses to embark on their digitalization journey.

100 Go Digital Coaching will be conducted on:

  • Group coaching session, where it will be a one-to-many practical guidance session between Digital Coaches (DC) and the Businesses. This option allows for more businesses coming in together and sharing experiences; and
  • Private coaching session, where it will be a one-on-one practical guidance session between Digital Coaches (DC) and the Businesses on case-to-case basis.

The Coaching Session will be face-to-face (either online or offline), depending on the DC and Participant.

  • Provide appropriate and timely coaching session.
  • Guide Businesses on digitalization areas and digital solution to address the pain points.
  • Encourage idea exploration and risk taking in digital adoption.
  • Advise and guide Businesses on adopting digital solutions to improve their business operation.
  • Track and monitor Businesses’ progress after each coaching session.
  • Provide progress report per session and overall recommendation report upon completion of the coaching session.
  • Share case studies as reference to Businesses.
  • Looking to embark or enhance their digital adoption journey.
  • Willing to commit and work with Digital Coaches to transform their business.
  • Open to receiving feedback and committed to change.
  • Take responsibility for its business growth and digital adoption.

The registration of interest for the 100 Go Digital Coaching will be made available in
You will have to register your interest in the digitalisation areas preferred to kick start or accelerate your digitalisation journey.

The Digital Coaches will contact you within five (5) working days and provide more information on the coaching workshop and assist with RSVP for the coaching workshop.

If you have any further queries, kindly call us at 1800-88-8338/+603-83153000 (if you are calling from outside of Malaysia) or email us at [email protected]