Take a deep dive into digital industries and transformational trends with our comprehensive reports on the digital economy


Harnessing the Power of Technology: Building a Strong Digital Economy for Malaysia’s Future

A joint report by BCG and MDEC that highlights the scale and extent of business digitalisation in Malaysia


National Business Digital Adoption Index (BDAI)

Discover how Malaysia is setting the standard for Digital Adoption measurement


Malaysia: Towards Becoming ASEAN’s Digital Capital

MDEC and Huawei collaborate to identify Malaysia's potential to be ASEAN's Digital Capital


Southeast Asia Game Industry Report 2021

Explore the strengths and potential of the game development ecosystem locally and regionally.


Islamic Fintech Week 2020 Report

In conjunction with Islamic Fintech Week 2020: "Envisioning Islamic Fintech’s Future", this report highlights key presentations, the opinions of experts, and the main arguments in debates surrounding the future of Islamic fintech.


MDEC Islamic Fintech Dialogue Report 2020

A virtual dialogue held on 20th May 2020 in Malaysia to identify and resolve specific issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Malaysian Islamic digital economy.


MDEC Islamic Fintech Report

The MDEC Islamic Fintech Dialogue welcomed regulators and industry stakeholders across different sectors with direct interest in the Islamic finance space. Recommendations and perspectives from the industry on how Malaysia could effectively champion the Islamic fintech agenda are provided.


Enter Malaysia : Cost of Doing Business

Malaysia has been an attractive and favourable investment destination in Southeast Asia as a result of the government’s determination, commitment and proactiveness in formulating good policies, and efficiently and constantly driving domestic reforms.

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