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The conception of Premier Digital Tech Institutions (PDTI) initiative by MDEC is designed to bring together key players from industry in the talent development landscape along with Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) and other educational institutions which aim to address the shortage of local talent in the Digital Tech industry.
The initiative by MDEC with support from the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) reflects the national strategic imperative to enhance graduates' employability in the Digital Tech industry. By creating a conducive ecosystem and fostering closer collaboration between selected IHLs awarded by MDEC and industry, the initiative aims to establish a sustainable pipeline of skilled graduates who are job-ready and capable of meeting industry demands.
Through this strategic collaboration, MDEC aims to enhance Malaysia digital economy and establish itself as a leading destination for digital businesses and talents.


Premier Digital Tech Institutions (PDTIs) are renowned tertiary institutions in Malaysia that specialize in digital tech education. These institutions, which include universities and polytechnics, have a strong reputation for producing high-quality graduates who are well-equipped for high-value jobs in the digital tech industry. The initiative was launched in 2017 by MDEC with support from Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and industry experts.
The PDTIs have established a track record of excellence in providing education and training that aligns with the needs of the digital tech sector. Their curriculum and programmes are designed to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies required in the industry. By focusing on digital tech education, PDTIs aim to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in this rapidly evolving field.
By being recognized as PDTIs, these institutions showcase their commitment to delivering high-quality education and producing job-ready graduates. They play a vital role in supporting the growth of the digital tech industry in Malaysia by nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and driving economic development in the digital sector.



MDEC Brings Industry Closer To Academia Through Various Collaboration Activities
  • Talent Expert Network
    (Pool of subject matter experts)
  • Internship & Employment
  • Industry Speakers
  • Co-share/Co-Owned Modules
  • Scholarships
  • Lecturer Attachment at Industry
  • Assessors/ Judges
  • Joint Research/ Projects
  • Training for Students & Lecturers
  • Program / Curriculum / Microcredential Development
  • Industry Mentors
  • Competitions / Hackathons
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Premier Digital Tech Institution Playbook

A guide for Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) interested in adopting the best practices implemented by the faculties that have been awarded with the PDTI status

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