National E‑Commerce Strategic Roadmap (NESR)

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About NESR at a Glance

The National E‑Commerce Strategic Roadmap (NESR), is driven as whole-of-nation collaborative approach between the public and private sectors to enhance and accelerate growth & innovation of Malaysia’s e‑commerce ecosystem.

The NESR has been endorsed by National Council of Digital Economy and 4IR (MED4IRN) meeting chaired by YAB Prime Minister on 22 April 2021.


NESR 2021 - 2025

From 2021 to 2025, NESR envisions e‑commerce as the engine for catalytic growth for businesses in Malaysia. It is guided by 3 Guiding Principles via 6 Strategic Thrusts with 16 Programmes



Multiple stakeholders across the public and private sector will collaborate and drive the advancement of the e‑commerce industry to achieve the target set

16 Programmes led by respective

17 Government ministries / agencies


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NESR aspires towards 3 key targets by 2025

RM1.65 trillion

E‑Commerce Market Size


MSMEs Adopting E‑Commerce


Businesses Adopting E‑Commerce for Export


Key achievements of e‑commerce in Malaysia


RM1,153.6 Bil

Total income of e‑commerce transactions for the year 2023



*Cumulative number of MSMEs adopting e‑commerce from 2016 to 2023

* “MSMEs” include registered businesses & individuals in informal sectors. The data is consolidated from numbers submitted by respective agencies and a single MSME may be participating in more than 1 programme, as reported by KUSKOP as the Programme Lead



Cumulative number of businesses exporting via e‑commerce from 2017 to 2023

The NESR Project Management Office

MDEC has been tasked as the Project Management Office for overall NESR implementation, including:


To coordinate and update the overall status to the NESR Taskforce . In addition, the NESR Dashboard is developed to monitor the progress of 31 KPIs across 16 NESR programmes


To facilitate coordination and intervention in the implementation of NESR programmes


To promote industry participation under the NESR and foster collaboration between the industry and the Government through regular E‑Commerce Industry Roundtables and NESR Labs

NESR Governance & Engagements

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