Peppol Service Providers (SP)

An overview of service providers accreditation requirements and process.

Peppol Service Providers (SP)

Peppol Service Providers (also known as Peppol Access Point (AP)) are responsible for creating and maintaining the connectivity gateways that function as access nodes on the e-invoicing network, compliant to the Peppol standards, routing of e-invoices to the correct destination APs, as well as for registering and updating participant details in the Malaysia SMP. Service Providers intending to provide Peppol Access Point services in Malaysia may apply to be accredited by MDEC as the Peppol Authority for Malaysia.

Accreditation Eligibility Criteria

1. Company registration

a. The company is incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 or Companies Act 2016; or registered in other country.

    b. Minimum paid-up capital of at least RM50,000 or equivalent.

      2. The company or its parent company is in operation for at least one (1) year as of the date of submission.

      3. The company is not the subject of liquidation/ winding up/ dissolution order.

      4. The company is not under any legal proceeding for criminal offences under any applicable laws or liquidation/ winding up/ dissolution.

      5. The company is not blacklisted by any Malaysian authority or MDEC.

      6. Member of OpenPeppol AISBL.

      7. Compliance with Malaysia Peppol Authority Specifications.

      8. Compliance with the Information Security requirements:

      1. - Enable Multifactor Authentication;
      2. - Encryption At Rest;
      3. - Encryption in Transit;
      4. - Regular Security Monitoring; and
      5. - Self-certification or independent certification of ISO/IEC 27001 (non-mandatory)

      9. Compliance with Malaysia Tax Authority requirements.

      Accreditation Process

      Service Providers who are interested to provide Access Point services in Malaysia will be required to attain the Peppol Service Provider Accreditation instituted by MDEC as the Peppol Authority for Malaysia.
      For more details on the criteria and process for Accreditation of Peppol Service Providers, please click HERE


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