Malaysia PINT Specifications


Peppol International Invoice (PINT) is the new specification that facilitates interoperable exchange of invoices across the Peppol Network at a global level. Built upon the Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 specification, PINT ensures compliance with EN 16931 and fosters interoperability between countries.

Shared Layer

Enables global interoperability

Aligned Layer

Enables globally aligned support for domain specific requirements

Distinct Layer

Enables non-aligned support for domain specific requirements

PINT Localisation for Malaysia Context

To cater to the Malaysian business and tax requirements, PINT specification has been localised for Malaysia (known as MY PINT) so that businesses can exchange e-Invoices via the Peppol network seamlessly.

The Peppol MY PINT BIS document can be viewed from OpenPeppol website: Malaysia electronic document specifications.

Malaysia Peppol ID

A unique identifier in the Peppol network which allows companies and organizations to use the network to receive e-invoices in Peppol format.

Refer to the Malaysia Peppol ID Format here.

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