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What We Do?

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) facilitates the adoption of Sharing Economy services & solutions among businesses and corporations. These solutions are offered by validated local and international Sharing Economy platforms which could optimise processes and business efficiency.

What kind of services you are looking for?

What We Offer

As Malaysia dives into the opportunities of Sharing Economy, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is championing the Sharing Economy development in Malaysia in terms of:

Business Matching and Pitching

Series of business matching session on available Sharing Economy services with businesses to review and consider adopting the solution that addresses businesses needs / requirements.

Co-creation & Adoption Pilot Project

Developed a pilot approach / co-creation projects for businesses to adopt Sharing Economy services and solutions in achieving the desired outcomes whilst minimising risks.

How do I Benefit from using Sharing Economy Services?

Access to high quality & proven talent (reviewed by the market)

Proven digital platforms & business models

Optimise idle and underutilized assets

Access to on-demand workforce & services

Potential new growth opportunities

Effective and cost saving services & solutions


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