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National E-Invoicing Open Day

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MDEC is organising the National E-Invoicing Open Day to promote e-Invoicing adoption among businesses. This event will help businesses to explore, network, and identify suitable e-Invoicing solutions from the offerings by accredited Malaysia Peppol Service Providers (SP) and Peppol-Ready Solution Providers (PRSP). The event also aims to enhance awareness of e-Invoicing for business digitalisation, highlighting how it can increase business efficiency and fulfill the tax requirements, which applies to businesses with revenues of RM100 million and above from 1 August 2024, and to all businesses from 1 July 2025.

Event Highlights


16 JULY 2024 (Tuesday)

10:00 AM – 5.00PM

M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Satellite Events By SP & PRSP

In addition to the National E-Invoicing Open Day and Accreditation Ceremony, we are excited to co-promote upcoming satellite events hosted by our accredited SPs and PRSPs. These events offer additional opportunities to learn, network, and engage with e-Invoicing experts.

Upcoming Satellite Events
List of Accredited SPs and PRSPs

Our accredited SPs and PRSPs play a crucial role in the e-invoicing landscape, offering solutions and services that help businesses comply with regulations and optimise their invoicing processes. Below is a comprehensive list of our accredited SPs and PRSPs

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