Immersive IP Experiences Programme

Application date extended to 15 April, 6pm


The programme is to enable the development of immersive experiences in Metaverse Platforms for established Malaysian IP.


Shaping Future in the Metaverse: Collaborative Approach for Digital Success


Scope of the Incentive:



*Incentive Amount

Project Duration

**6 months

Required Output

  • Minimum of 10 minutes of immersive content - At least 10 minutes+ of gameplay, a complete game loop with clear game objectives, interactable elements that feature characters and settings based on partner IPs.
  • Available Metaverse Platform - You may build immersive experiences with existing traditional centralized metaverses such as Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN), Yahaha, Roblox, Minecraft, Mitoworld or The Sandbox.

  • * The Incentive Amount is subject to evaluation and assessment of the project proposal of the Applicant and is to be determined by the Evaluation Panel. The allocation of the Incentive Amount shall be for:
    - IP licensing; and
    - Development cost, both are directly related to the programme

  • ** Project Duration shall be up to four (6) months and commence from the date of signing of the agreement between the Recipient and MDEC.


  1. Any businesses or companies registered in Malaysia and at least 50% owned by Malaysian citizens (excluding Permanent Resident) either as
    - IP Owner; or
    - Digital Content Creators
  2. Not the subject of liquidation/winding up/bankruptcy order;
  3. Not subject to dissolution of businesses/enterprises/sole proprietorship/partnership and/or cease doing businesses as going concern;
  4. Not subject to any blacklisting from MDEC and/or any authority/statutory bodies;
  5. Not an on-going of any grant recipient from MDEC, National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) or MyCreative Venture Sdn Bhd;

Criteria for the IP


  1. Fully completed application form.
  2. Project proposal;
  3. MYDATA-SSM (Business or Company Profile), to be obtained from *
  4. Business or company winding up search result, to be obtained from *
  5. Letter of Undertaking by the Applicant that the Applicant is not subject to any blacklisting from any authority/statutory bodies
  6. For IP Owner: Proof of the IP is meeting the criteria as per stated on the website
  7. For Digital Content Creators:
    - Letter Of Undertaking from IP Owner
    - Proof of the IP is meeting the criteria as per stated on the website

Note: Any search report should be dated less than 6 months prior to the date of application to MDEC.



Translation of IP into the Metaverse: How well the Immersive Experience hopes to translate the chosen IP into the chosen Metaverse platform from both a narrative and an experiential viewpoint. The project should allow for certain artistic licenses but should retain the narrative & visual coherence with the brand IP.


Immersive Experience Utility Plan: Describe how the project integrates or allows external utility and function within the Immersive Experience with the aim of enhancing the user-experience, improving the brand engagement and adding more value to the project; (eg. Competitions that allow users to win real-world prizes).


Well-defined and clear milestones and timelines that the project will follow to achieve its goals.


  1. The claim disbursement process will be based on the progress milestone claims, which is based on completed submission and achievements of the verified deliverables by MDEC and in accordance with the agreement.
  2. The Recipient is required to submit the required supporting documents (including any proof of payment substantiating expenses/incurred costs) for claims processing on MDEC einvoice system.


  1. All applications must be submitted online. Click ‘Submit Now’ button below to submit, no later than the respective date.
  2. Upon closing of the submission, a due diligence will be conducted on the applications received.
  3. Eligible Applicants will be invited for a pitching session to present their project proposal to the Panel of Judges.
  4. All Applicants will be notified via email on the official result after the pitching session.
  5. All selected Applicants, namely the Recipients are required to sign an agreement with MDEC to govern the grant and disbursement of the incentive.
  6. The Recipient may apply to MDEC for a maximum of 3-months extension or any project issues resolution by serving a written request to MDEC not less than one (1) month from the expiry of project duration or such other period as agreed by MDEC, together with its justification and supporting documents for such request. MDEC shall have all the rights to approved or reject the request.
  7. Once the extension has been approved, the project duration shall be extended to include the extension period and Availability Period. There will be no changes on the approved amount should there be any extension approved.


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