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PeDASPACK is one of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)’s latest initiative to help entrepreneurs who have enrolled in its existing entrepreneurship programme called the Perkhidmatan eDagang Setempat (PeDAS).

PeDASPACK Benefits

With PeDASPACK, MDEC hopes to provide opportunities for the PeDAS entrepreneurs to enhance their product marketability and expand their businesses to a wider market outreach. PeDASPACK  will enable to:

Reduce PeDAS entrepreneurs’ production cost.

Enhance PeDAS products’ marketability with innovative packaging design ideas.

Assist PeDAS entrepreneurs in planning and purchasing the packaging method via the PeDASPACK Packaging e-commerce platform.

How it works

For entrepreneurs who would like to participate in this initiative, the requirements are:

  • A registered PeDAS participant
  • A registered Go-eCommerce user
  • Committed to providing business performance report to MDEC as required
  • Provide sales report every month
  • Selected PeDAS entrepreneurs will be joining the pilot phase of this initiative, which is from 1 February 2021 to 30 April 2021

Pilot users will receive 1,200 pieces or bottles of brand-new product packaging material for FREE which can replace their existing product packaging material.

After the pilot, all PeDAS entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy the benefits of PeDASPack. MDEC will subsidise a fraction of the packaging cost depending on the entrepreneur’s performance and commitment. The selected PeDAS entrepreneurs will be required to send in their business performance reports to MDEC within the stipulated timeline.

What is Perkhidmatan e-Dagang Setempat (PeDAS)?

Perkhidmatan eDagang Setempat (PeDAS) is an initiative specifically designed to help rural small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) market their products through e-commerce platforms. PeDAS can ease the burden of the entrepreneur who does not have an integrated support system or complete knowledge of digital marketing, branding, certification or direction to digitalise and expand their business.

Services offered

The services being offered under the PeDAS programme include business profiling to assist entrepreneurs’ capabilities and understanding of their product marketability; strategic branding services; digital marketing on social media platforms; and the use of e-commerce to increase productivity to be more competitive in the local and global business. In addition, the programme also includes related advisory services such as development of business plan, business registration, label and product packaging, and cooperation from local agencies and industry partners in strengthening the SMEs’ ecosystem in rural areas.

The components and business improvement support offered under PeDAS initiative are:

  • Business Registration & Company Profile
  • Digital Marketing (Face-to-face or Online Class)
  • Market Adaptation (Face-to-face or Online Class)
  • On-Site support for product profiles and documentations
  • Three Months of tracking and monitoring on business and sales performance
  • Personal training and guidance programme for six months
  • Business matching with selected e-commerce strategic partners.

Find out more and register here to be on-board

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