Thriving online business forward


Our Objectives

  • To onboard new local businesses into e-commerce platforms with several focused sectors to be promoted such as halal, craft, agriculture and retail & services to help boost sales and reach of small local businesses.
  • To onboard new local businesses into e-payment platforms and help digitalised their payment facilities.

This campaign duration is from 1 July 2021 until 31 December 2021.

Who are this campaign for?​

This campaign is for local businesses to encourage them to digitize their business nature.

What this campaign offers?

Onboarding Expenses

Registration fees, recurring fees

Seller Subsidies

Seller discount, transactional fees

Seller Support

Training fees, seller free shipping, in app / in platform advertising, third party services

Go-eCommerce Onboarding partners.

Register and be part of eCommerce and ePayment ownage.

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