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Go-eCommerce is an online entrepreneurial platform with the tools to help you build your business to the next level.

A curriculum that is internationally recognized


Qualified instructors & industry experts


Expand online business knowledge and share insightful content with other digital entrepreneurs


Profiling tool that helps you find the right solution for your everyday business needs


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Business Management

Financial Management

Search Engine Optimization





Email Marketing

Mobile Apps


And so much more! Use the Profiling Tool RIGHT NOW to get customised solutions based on your everyday business needs.


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Program Blee: MDEC Sasar 2,000 Usahawan Mikro Tahun Ini


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Success Stories


Cyber Tuition Class, An IT Literacy Business

Previously, Chin Ah Yim was only able to promote her tuition and daycare centre, Smart Motivation Center through…


Navigating Digital Channels

The opportunity to join the eUsahawan program was not one to be missed by Encik Ayub. Operating Beautiful Network…


Behind the Screen

Working as a manager for an electronic equipment company, Websinners, Mr. Murugarasan has to seek out new clients…


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Without our partners we wouldn’t have made it this far and they are just as committed to taking the digital business ecosystem to the next level.