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The arrival of digital nomads to Malaysia has a spill over effect to the local economy that extend beyond just boosting the tourism industry.

Through DE Rantau Hubs and thriving ecosystem, aside from direct improvements in hubs revenue, there can be knowledge and experience sharing among local and foreign nomads, leading to the creation of a vibrant and knowledgeable community.

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We seek accommodation and platform providers to partner up with us and create a wholesome ecosystem for Digital Nomads all over the country.

High Earner Nomads

A report by Flexjobs in 2018 showed that 40% of digital nomads make more than US$50,000 a year, while 18% make more than US$100,000 annually.

Economic Boost

Digital nomads can also boost other local economies, from sports and recreation to health and wellness sectors.

Spill Over Effects

Digital nomads can have various spill over effects. DE Rantau Hubs can encourage knowledge, experience and skills sharing, creating a more robust digital workforce.

DE Rantau Hub LIVE Criteria

DE Rantau Hubs are accommodations which are certified to be fit for digital nomad lifestyle, based on the following criteria:

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