Jualan Murah Keluarga Malaysia @ DE Dagang

Jualan Murah Keluarga Malaysia @ DE Dagang is an initiative between the government and digital platform partners (e-commerce, e-payment and sharing economy), aimed at helping Malaysian businesses in targeted sectors such as Tourism & Craft, Halal & Agriculture and Export (Malaysian made products & Malaysian brand) to adopt and leverage on digital platforms to prosper.

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How can Malaysian businesses benefit from it?

Go digital, do it now

We can help convert your business into digital business and onto various e-commerce platforms.

e-Payment goes a long way

Get e-payment feature for your business. Great for you and convenient for your customers.

Get revenue from online sales

Once you go online, your business automatically will get more exposure and you can enjoy more sales.

Expand your market

With e-commerce, you can scale your business globally with ease via international e-marketplaces.

414,000 new business registered last year with 6.45 billion sales!

More than 886,000 local businesses and more than 279,000 women owned businesses have benefited as overall throughout this initiative.

Our Partners

Reach out to our partners to enjoy benefits including subsidised e-commerce onboarding fees, subsidised training fees,  subsidised shipping, sales discount, rebate and many more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jualan Murah Keluarga Malaysia @ DE Dagang is an initiative by the Government to reduce the rising cost of living of the rakyat. This campaign is in line with the aspirations of Pasukan Khas Jihad Tangani Inflasi; which is to reduce inflation through Kempen Jualan Murah Keluarga Malaysia which is fully supported by Ministry of Finance (MOF).

The Kempen Jualan Murah Keluarga Malaysia @ DE Dagang is intended to benefit consumers through discount voucher and subsidised shipping rates. Local businesses and individuals with or without business registrations will receive benefits on onboarding costs and operating cost on e-commerce platforms.

MDEC’s role is to execute the campaign by partnering with 17 appointed partners. MDEC will also carry out marketing, promotion and outreach events to ensure as many targeted communities receive the benefits of this campaign.

The partners will support Malaysian businesses with e-commerce, e-payment and sharing economy onboarding training, seller subsidy and sales support. Partners will also carry out sales campaigns to ensure consumers enjoy discount vouchers and subsidised shipping.

  • Short-term: To reduce inflation and the cost of living for consumers.
  • Long-term: To enable the targeted sectors(tourism & craft, halal & agriculture and export) to shift their business to use online platforms to expand their market reach in domestic and global markets.

Interested Malaysian businesses can obtain information on the benefits offered by digital platforms partners listed on Kempen Jualan Murah Keluarga Malaysia @ DE Dagang website and subsequently register through the partners. Further inquiries regarding the packages offered can be made through each partner’s campaign website