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What is data-driven enterprise programme?

To promote and facilitate business enterprises towards making data-driven decision to create value from data and be AI ready for the future.

Data and AI will enable business enterprises to reach new markets, better serve existing customers, streamline operations and monetize raw and analysed data.

Program Offerings
For Business Enterprises


Who is it for?

For business enterprises aspire to be Data-Driven decision organisation.

With data, a data-driven enterprise can visualise its current state and historical trends to facilitate decision-making. By applying advanced analytics to this data, it becomes possible for the enterprise to forecast future outcomes.

Most common business enterprise’s challenges and frustration of decision maker.

Core benefits of
Data Driven Decision

How data create values
across different industries?

Data Driven Industries


Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (DAAI) Readiness Assessment will help you understand your organisation’s data-driven enterprise transformation readiness level and provide recommendations to embark on data-driven decision journey.

How will you benefit from this DAAI Assessment?

  • Learn about your organisation’s data, analytics and AI strategies and gain insight into the common challenges your organisation face.
  • Collect an all-rounded, clear understanding of your organisation’s data, analytics and AI readiness levels by completing all dimensions offered in the assessment tool.
  • Receive a personalised report unveiling how you can overcome your biggest challenges and bring your organisation’s data-driven journey to the next level.

Success Stories

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Data Technology Providers

Data Technology Providers (DTP) Programme is designed to facilitate vibrant collaborative ecosystem to catalyse and proliferate data technology adoption for business enterprises.

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