Insights within Malaysia Digital Economy


The future of work is now fully upon us. In this new normal, critical thinking and problem solving are key requirements for any career in the digital age. With the pervasive use of computers in all realms of our lives, there is global consensus that these essential skills should be coupled with computer science concepts. This combination of skills is referred to as Computational Thinking.

7 Steps to Upskill Yourself for Your Career (2023 Updated)

Check out the 7 steps to upskill yourself in your career.

12 Best Data Science Courses In Malaysia For Modern Tech Aspirants

Check out our lowdown of the best data science courses in Malaysia available in MDEC Digital Up incentivised training scheme that will help aspiring data scientists like you to easily land a career with.

Future-Proofing: Critical Cornerstone for the Digital Economy

The IT industry has been in a state of flux over the last 12 months thanks primarily to disruptive technologies of all sorts appearing and rocking the status quo for many industries….

MDEC 2018 National Budget Commentary

We are delighted that Budget 2018 is focused on accelerating growth and enhancing the wellbeing of the rakyat as well as in further enhancing Digital Malaysia. The Digital Economy continues to be a key driver of growth, contributing some 18.2% of Malaysia’s GDP this year, and expected to exceed the projected target of 20% earlier than 2020....

Malaysian Businesses Must Accelerate Its Digital Transformation to Keep Up

Business transformation has always been about doing more to improve processes at all levels and engaging a broad swath of factors. This, oftentimes, will take technological advancements into account as they are used to start or spur major changes for the positive livelihood of all....

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