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Digital Adoption

In the new digital economy, traditional ways of running a business are swiftly becoming outdated. Disruption is happening across every sector.  Primarily brought by digital companies, digital disruption has strategic implications to these corporates. If large businesses do not make efforts to innovate their own business – someone else will.

“By 2027, an estimated 75% of US S&P 500 are likely to be replaced”

(Source: Innosight)

Kickstart your digital adoption journey

Digital adoption journey helps you to identify your pain points & opportunities in the digital space, where you will benefit from either improved productivity, enhanced customer experience or creation of new sources of growth.

Depending on the maturity level of your company, the journey will allow you to:

Innovation Pulse

Brings sector organizations together for a dialogue on digital adoption and readiness.

Value Innovation Platform

Enable business to embrace digital adoption, by identifying opportunities and pain points in the digital space and collaborate with digital companies.

Promote outcome-driven COLLABORATION between Corporate Malaysia with digital companies

ACCESS to experts, innovation labs & talents

Exposure to INNOVATIVE and DISRUPTIVE business models & solutions




Future-proofing Malaysia digital economy

MDEC COO Datuk Ng Wan Peng, Microsoft Operations general manager Haresh Khoobchandani and Rainmaking Innovation Partner Jordan Schlipf talk about how to survive the innovation tsunami. They were met at The Edge — MDEC “Disrupt or be Disrupted” Conference 2016. Read more at The Edge Markets.


Value Innovation Platform

MDEC works and collaborate together with global experts to help cooperate as well as accelerate the disruptive innovations through Value Innovation Platform, a platform that enable businesses embrace digital adoption by identifying pain points and opportunities in the digital space and collaborate with digital companies for outcome based solutions.


Building 2.0

The chase towards innovation and advancement is one that cannot be ignored by any businesses today. Exciting innovations can propel the construction industry to new frontiers and opened up a realm of possibilities to improve efficiency, while lowering overall cost for the corporate.

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