FINE not exceeding RM50,000 for individuals or JAIL not exceedig 3 years or both Fine not exceeding RM100,00 for corporations

SECTION 140(1)

All airspace are no fly zone by default

Exceptions are below 400′ and meet the following additional requirements

SECTION 140(3)

Do not attach anything or carry additional payload

Including animals,or any objects.And no parachute release of any payload

SECTION 142 (1)

Safety is pilot’s full and sole responsibility

Fly only when you feel safe to do so and after taking full safety and security consideration

SECTION 142(2)

Maintain unaided line of sight at all times

Prevent and avoid collision with other aircraft,vehicles and structure

SECTION 144(1)

Less than 20kg excluding power system

Unless with permission in accordance to sub-rule 1 to rule 189 CAR 2016

SECTION 141 (1)

No commercial operation without permission

SECTION 143 (1)(e) and (f)

50m from any human,vessels,vehicles or structure at any time

SECTION 143 (1)(c)

No flying over gathering of more than 1000 people

SECTION 143 (1)(g)

30m from any human,during take-off and landing

SECTION 143 (1)(a) and (b)

150m from any residential,commmercial,industrial or recreational areas