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To sustain our long term growth, Pentamaster will continue to progress and transform.  

Within the ATE business segment, IGBT has been the mainstream solution for electrification, particularly for its high voltage and high current applications. Given such development, the Group’s penetration into IGBT market is timely with its broadened product portfolio that covers end to end solutions ranging from assembly to final test. The Group has developed a full line of automation equipment for IGBT module assembly with high output counts and high power test with tri temp capability. It has become the preferred solution of the industry. Besides, the Group has also delivered our newest and innovative standard 3D smart sensor tester with tri-temperature from -40C to +175C for the automotive segment.  

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The Group has also made its headways and expanded its foothold in technology capabilities covering SiC (Silicon carbide) high power wafer level burn in solution with its unique arc suppression control design that protects the DUTs from arc and oxidation while keeping the tester in an operational temperature state without overheating. 

  • Our customised test measurement instruments design capability breakthrough enables for multiple wafer level burn-in tests with high power source. 
  • Our test solution provides both high voltage and high current test up to 3,000V and 1,000A. 

With the trends and growing adoption of Industry 4.0, the Group’s FAS segment has been expanding with the deployment of its proprietary i-ARMS (intelligent Automated Robotic Manufacturing System) across various industries covering the electro-optical segment, consumer and industrial products segment, medical device segment just to name a few. Particularly on the medical device segment, the acquisition of TP Concept in 2019 and the subsequent integration and consolidation of its operation, resources and know-how within the Group has provided the Group with the impetus to expand the equipment assembly and test automation solution to medical device automation.

Medical device business is the next big thing for PentamasterCurrently, the Group intends to strengthen its position in the medical segment by developing its own proprietary in-house single-use medical devices. For a start, such initiative involves the design and manufacturing of Intravenous Catheters and Dual-Safety Pen Needles for the healthcare industry. With our advanced manufacturing technology and know-how, Pentamaster, as a local Malaysian company, aims to be one of the global players in the medical device manufacturing sector. Capital expenditure of RM60 million has been allocated in the next three years for the upgrading of our existing factory facilities in Batu Kawan and the installation of two production lines equipment dedicated towards the manufacturing of the single-use medical devices.

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