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OrangeFIN Asia

OrangeFIN Asia’s main focus is to provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution with enhanced AI and computer vision.  

OrangeWorkforce enabled businesses to perform complex tasks in a cost-effective way. This solution is crucial to a business environment where productivity depends on real-time updates, inter connectivity and adaptability.  

With AI at its core, OrangeWorkforce enhanced companies with a Robotic Digital Workers that has both situation and operation awareness so that high-volume and complex tasks traditionally done by humans can be taken over by OrangeWorkforce.   

These tasks are managed through OrangeCloud Control Centre Dashboard and the OrangeMobile platform for on-the-go monitoring.  

Success Story

LWE ( is a logistic leader in the Asia Pacific market specialises in a complete cross border logistics and fulfilment.  

LWE has established networks in major cities within Asia Pacific. LWE has a wide range of fulfilment solutions that cover a spectrum of service options and destinations.  

Naturally Account Receivable is a very important part of LWE operation. Account Receivable refers to the balance of money due to a company for goods or services delivered or used but have not been paid by customers.  

To make sure that the customer is notified, the payment is recorded in the company’s database correctly, several processes of documentation and IT processes are required. 

Business Pain Points 

  • The Process takes a considerable amount of time as it is dependent on humans. 
  • The Process is long, so there are occasional human errors. 
  • This increases time taken and unnecessary costs. 

Digital Solution Implemented  

  • Use OrangeWorkforce software robots that can work with any system to automate the entire process 


  • Reduced time taken for AR Process 
  • Reduced costs, including human resources 
  • Monthly >1500 invoices processed, 10 mins per invoice, total saving of 60% in processing time. 

What their client says...

"OrangeFIN is part of an esteem line-up of Tech Solution Providers shortlisted to support The FinLab Jom Transform Programme and UOBM's Tech Ecosystem. Their vast experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has brought desirable outcomes and results to the industry, not only in Malaysia, but also our neighboring country as the Bank supported our regional expansion through the Bank's extensive presence in ASEAN. We look forward to doing more with OrangeFIN, as we venture to the next frontier of digitalization."


William Heng 
Head, FinTech, Ecosystem & Innovation,

UOB Malaysia 

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