MDT Innovations’ Linen Management Solution expands to Thailand and Indonesia

MDT Innovations​

MDT Innovations (MDTi) is one of the fastest-growing deep tech companies in APAC focused on IoT, FinTech, AI and digital ID to technovate consumer lifestyles and bring digital transformation in various sectors.  

We provide value chain solutions with services ranging from intelligent wireless communications to neural networks for domains such as crowd management, asset management, work-in-progress automation, smart retail and FinTech enablement. The company’s underlying strength is supported by 38 intellectual properties in the areas of miniaturisation, low energy, wireless design, and neural networks, which have been driving MDTi’s competitive advantage in intelligent wireless communications in IoT. 

Success Story

MDT Innovations has almost two decades of experience in the technology field. Starting off as a business dealing with flat panel display technologies, MDTi revolutionised its offerings in line with the IoT and Industry 4.0 trends.  

Today, its IoT solutions include Linen Management Systems (LMS), Smart Factories, Workforce Management Systems, Universal Payment Gateway Processing (FinTech) and others.  

Take the LMS for example. Upon implementing it in various hospitals across Malaysia, MDTi has expanded this solution internationally. 

The LMS is a digital business solution that incorporates the state of the art of IoT technologies to manage and distribute linens for enterprises such as those who are in the healthcare and hospitality sectors.  

The LMS platform provides a holistic view on the movement of linens through our patented LINOTAG – a fabric-based RFID tag that is certified safe to use under MRI and machine-washing conditions.  

The solution is delivered through cloud and data points from our client's sites at laundry processing, warehouse, and logistics areas, which allows for dynamic resource planning to maximise efficiency.  

The advantage of using MDTi’s LMS solution is the fact that it provides a wholesome linen tracking system adaptable to hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and other industries.  

Furthermore, our LinoTag has been tried and tested to withstand machine washing, MRI scans as well as pressures of up to 100 Bar. Its capabilities have enabled us to expand our solution offerings into countries such as Indonesia and Thailand within a year. 

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