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Kasatria Technologies

Kasatria is a regional engineering partner for Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud.​

​They specialise in the use of data and AI and facilitate use cases related to digital marketing optimisation and revenue growth.​

​With a track record spanning close to 20 years, they have clients across more than eight countries, servicing high-growth verticals such as Finance, Telco, Media, Travel and eCommerce. ​

Success Story

Cebu Pacific Air is the largest airline in the Philippines, and they actively market & sell online through their e-commerce platform.

Cebu Pacific Air is the largest airline in the Philippines, and they actively market and sell their products through eCommerce platform.​

The airline was keen to evaluate how data could be used to drive a strategic advantage for them when nurturing consideration to buy.​

​By leveraging data from Google Analytics 360, Kasatria was able to harness privacy-safe data that allude to each user’s preferred travel destination anonymously.​

​Subsequently, on Google Marketing Platform, data-driven creatives that could respond to these signals in real-time were then engineered to hyper-personalise the delivery of ads based on individual’s preference to nurture their consideration for travel offers and promotions.​


Traveller A wants to go to Tokyo ​
Traveller B wants to go to Singapore ​

​By matching supply with demand more effectively, the airline was pleased to demonstrate an incremental uplift of more than 700% in their Return-on-Ad-Spend.​

​Buoyed by their success, Cebu Pacific is embarking on a data-driven strategy across their business and scaling up the delivery for a better user experience for their customers.​

What their client says...

" The real breakthrough from this experiment was using Google Marketing Platform to successfully sell more seats and reduce our cost per acquisition over time ”

Candice Iyog
VP of Marketing and Distribution at Cebu Pacific Air

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