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MDEC is introducing the Malaysia Innovation Policy Council (MIPC)

Based on the input received from tech and digital industry, the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, through Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is introducing the Malaysia Innovation Policy Council (MIPC). It is a platform that aims to drive the growth of the tech and digital industry by promoting policies and regulations that will encourage innovation.

A brainchild of YB Gobind Singh Deo, MIPC also aims to streamline the governance of the industry and ensure systematic processes are in place. “The establishment of MIPC is a right step towards progress in Malaysia and I am delighted to see that steps are being taken to ensure growth of our tech ecosystem and Malaysia’s digital economy,” said YB Gobind

Surina Shukri, CEO of MDEC echoed and said, “Growing the nation’s digital economy requires deeper collaboration from both public and private sectors. We strongly believe that MIPC will further drive better synergetic partnerships between the sectors as it aims to achieve three objectives – to act as a platform for private sectors to propose Tech/Digital Economy initiatives based on policy and regulatory challenges, to provide advice, input, recommendation and facilitation based on the proposed Tech/Digital Economy initiatives, and to setup and oversee the solutions taskforce related to the policy and regulations pertaining to proposed Tech/Digital Economy initiatives. MIPC will sharpen the nation’s efforts in creating a vibrant and sustainable tech ecosystem.”

MIPC comprises two committees – the Industry Coordination Committee and the Intervention Committee.  The Industry Coordination Committee covers matters relating to industry collaboration pertaining to Digital Tech initiatives that comes with regulatory challenges and issues, while the Intervention Committee focuses only on the policy and regulatory intervention.

The terms of reference for the Industry Coordination Committee – chaired by the CEO of MDEC – include providing advisory, facilitation and alignment between industries for Digital Tech initiatives as well as identifying relevant stakeholders. Convening six (6) times a year, the committee will be made up of invited parties from ministries, agencies and the private sector.

Meanwhile the terms of reference for the Intervention Committee – which is co-chaired by the Minister of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) together with relevant Ministers – include setting up a taskforce from relevant ministries, agencies and stakeholders to focus on required solutions. Convening three (3) times a year, this committee will obtain input from the taskforce in order to make recommendations as well as escalate policy & regulatory issues to the appropriate authority level including the Cabinet and Parliament, as necessary.


Call-to-Action: Submission of Proposals

MIPC invites tech companies, investors, and relevant industry players to share their point of views and to offer suggestions to accelerate innovation and growth of tech companies, centred on national policy and regulatory changes

These proposals should meet the following guidelines:

  1. Proposal must be related to digital tech initiatives to further improve the tech ecosystem and grow the digital economy of the country
  2. Highlighted the regulatory challenges that comes with the proposed initiatives, and the economic and social impact if the problems are solve
  3. Submission has to come from the private sectors and industry representative – i.e. associations, foundations or working group of companies

Every submission will be evaluated by the Council secretariat and further steps will be taken accordingly.

To submit proposals or ideas, please visit MIPC website at www.corpwebv3prd.wpengine.com/MIPC for more information and submission guidelines. For any inquiries on MIPC, please email them to council_sec@mdec.com.my


Source: Malaysia Internet.my