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MDEC brings back ‘Let’s Learn Digital’, kicking off with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn partnership

  • Digital Marketing certification and badges offered to all Malaysians
  • Participants stand a chance to win prizes

CYBERJAYA, 28 JULY 2021: Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia’s lead agency in digital transformation, is launching the second edition of its Let’s Learn Digital programme.  

Launched under MDEC’s #mydigitalworkforce initiative, the programme aims to upskill Malaysians in the workforce to be equipped for an increasingly digitally-dependent workforce.

Following the successful implementation of the inaugural Let’s Learn Digital (LLD) programme last year in partnership with Coursera via the Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative, and in light of the extended impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, MDEC is bringing back the Let’s Learn Digital programme to empower Malaysians with in-demand digital skills.

The year’s programme will kick-off with free-of-charge Digital Marketing courses and certification offered by LinkedIn, Facebook and Google in collaboration with MDEC. The courses will be offered free until October 31, 2021 and is open to all Malaysians.

“Skills are fast becoming the new currency at work. Organisations in Asia Pacific are hiring more often for skills, instead of relying solely on a candidate’s past experience or educational qualifications. Workers too, must adopt a growth mindset moving forward, and continuously work towards strengthening their skills. This will help them stay employable and employed, especially for in-demand roles in fast-growing industries.

“In Malaysia, one of the top three trending jobs is ‘Marketing Executive’ and ‘Marketing Strategy’ is amongst the top trending skills. Globally, ‘Digital Marketer’ is listed as amongst the 10 jobs that were identified to have the greatest number of job openings, have had steady growth over the past four years, pay a liveable wage, and require skills that can be learned online. LinkedIn is pleased to continue to support MDEC in its Let’s Learn Digital campaign for the second consecutive year, to help workers in Malaysia strengthen their digital marketing skills,” said Frank Koo, Head of Asia, Talent and Learning Solutions, LinkedIn.

Through this collaboration, Malaysians can access any course of their choice and obtain digital badges and/or certifications upon successful completion. These certifications/badges can then be shared on their individual LinkedIn profiles.

“We are inspired by what Malaysians can achieve with productive use of technology. Through this meaningful partnership with MDEC, we aim to help all Malaysians – current and future talent – to access the best of Google’s training and tools to future proof their skills and careers,” said Marc Woo, Managing Director, Google Malaysia.

“In line with the goal of the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint to build agile and competent digital talent, we are excited to partner with MDEC in empowering Malaysians to expand their digital skills, gain a competitive advantage, and grow their careers through our Facebook Blueprint training and certification programme,”added Justin Murugaya, Acting Country Director, Facebook Malaysia.

The collaboration with Facebook, Google and Linkedin aims to encourage more Malaysians to be equipped with this critical skill, without any pre-requisite or age requirements. Those who have completed these modules are encouraged to share their experiences and success stories on social media using the “#MDECLLD” hashtag.

“As digital adoption continues to accelerate amongst businesses and consumers, the demand for digital marketing skills is at an all-time high. In line with MDEC’s commitment to empower Malaysians with in-demand digital skills, we are proud to be working with Google, LinkedIn and Facebook to kick off this year’s Let’s Learn Digital programme with free digital marketing courses.

“This initiative resonates with our vision of Malaysia 5.0 at MDEC; to enable a nation deeply integrated with technology, providing equitable digital opportunities to the people and businesses, firmly establishing the nation as the Heart of Digital ASEAN,” said Surina Shukri, CEO, MDEC.

Upon successful completion, participants can also explore Digital Marketing job opportunities via the LinkedIn recruitment platform as well as MDEC’s MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Tech (MYWiT) initiative. Participants also stand a chance to win exciting prizes sponsored by the programme partners.

Registration for the Let’s Learn Digital campaign is available at www.corpwebv3prd.wpengine.com/letslearndigital.

To know more about Let’s Learn Digital, our partners will be sharing their offerings via webinar in conjunction with Malaysia Tech Month 2021. Sign up at https://mdeccorporatew.wpengine.com/mtm2021/

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About Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is the agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia leading the nation’s digital transformation for 25 years. MDEC’s agenda is Malaysia 5.0, enabling a nation deeply integrated with technology, providing equitable digital opportunities to the people and businesses. 

In order to achieve this, we will focus on four key DIGITAL thrusts, New skills, Adoption, Disruptors and Investments. This forms the basis of our NADI Digital brand campaign, that will drive our core programmes for the rakyat, business and investors.  MDEC’s aim is for Malaysia to become a globally competitive digital nation, anchored on inclusivity, sustainability and shared prosperity, firmly establishing Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN.

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