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MDEC and Sunway Education Group Kick Off Malaysia’s First Tuition-Free Coding School; 42KL

  • Partnership marks an important milestone in ensuring the pipeline of talents for the digital economy continues unhindered and in producing future-savvy top tech talents
  • Public-private collaborations will be key to achieve national agenda based on the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL)

CYBERJAYA, 4 MAY 2021: The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia’s lead agency in digital transformation, in collaboration with Sunway Education Group (SEG), officially admits its first cohort of students to the 42KL campus, Malaysia’s first coding school with zero tuition fees, zero teachers and zero traditional classrooms.

In its continuous efforts to ensure the creation and nurturing of top tech talents needed to fuel the rapid pace of the digital economy, MDEC recognises the importance of public-private collaborations and 42KL represents a major achievement towards this direction.

“The World Economic Forum (WEF)’s “The Future of Jobs Report 2020” stated that in eight of the top ten emerging jobs will require digital tech skills. While LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report Malaysia, 2020, six out of ten top emerging jobs are digital related. All these accentuate the fact that digital jobs will be in high demand moving forward and at MDEC, we are on overdrive to ensure the pipeline of tech talents continues unhindered so that we may achieve the goals as set forth in MyDIGITAL,” said Surina Shukri, CEO of MDEC.

The first 42 campus was established in Paris, France in 2013, and the second in Silicon Valley in the US in 2016. The 42 campus in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur offers a unique and unparalleled education opportunity for all Malaysians, regardless of socioeconomic and educational background. 42 utilises a peer-to-peer learning model where there are no classes nor teachers and students are in charge of their own success and the success of their comrades in a 100 percent hands-on project environment. To make progress, they have to count on the strength of the group, give and receive information, changing roles between helping others and being helped. This learning model lies on collective intelligence, as in the professional world, and helps develop talents, not by reproducing or learning by heart the model of a reference teacher, but by searching, experimenting and defending their ideas.

“As we at Sunway continue our aim to provide quality learning experiences, we are fully embracing new technology as well as new ways of teaching and learning. Working with industry, it’s great that the project-based and peer-to-peer learning approach of 42KL is provided tuition free and open to all. I believe, with this alternative and innovative education pathway, we can reach out to and include potentially untapped pockets of learners across the country from a wider array of backgrounds.

42KL’s vision and non-profit status also aligns with the objective of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, that is in giving all students equal opportunity to learn. With this alternative learning route, we are doing our small part in ensuring that no one gets left behind. We at Sunway believe that the future of education is multi-dimensional, and one that fully utilises the resources and technologies available in this 4th Industrial Revolution. With 42KL, we can prepare the current generation for it by addressing the talent gap for tech development in Malaysia,” said Professor Elizabeth Lee, CEO of SEG.

42KL is supported by the following Anchor Partners: Sunway Group, CIMB Bank, DHL, Roland Berger, Carsome, Huawei, Standard Chartered, SIDEC, HSBC, Tenaga Nasional, FWD Insurance, and Celcom.

Since the launch of the 42KL website in July 2020, a total of 3,600 sign-ups have been garnered up till 1 January 2021. Among the applicants, 1,600 are currently performing the Online Logic & Aptitude Test with more than 600 having passed this test and 225 completing the Piscine bootcamp. 75 applicants have successfully been enrolled as students in the 12-months Core Programme.

Students of 42KL hail from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, with well over 50 percent from the B40 income group and aged between 18 and 49 years old.

“I found out about 42KL via MDEC’s LinkedIn page when I was looking for freelance job opportunities. It intrigued me as it offers tuition fee-free course and without classes! If I succeed in my current course, I will continue developing my own projects and I will look for companies to invest in them,” said Nabil Anwar, 21, a cadet at 42KL inaugural cohort.

“I am part of the Piscine, which means I have to pass that first before I continue with the core programme. I really want to get into the core programme because it ensures mastery of a skill. Also, since it is a peer-to-peer environment, when help is needed on the subject matter such as when I need to solve code, other students of say, a different level, will come to my aid. So, this environment works perfectly for me,” Nabihah Md Zaid, 29, who is currently undergoing her Piscine.

The Piscine is a four-week long immersion bootcamp where individuals are tested on their determination and hunger to solve complex puzzles with their peers. Registrations for the next Piscine bootcamp is currently open until July 2021. To learn more about 42KL, kindly visit: https://42kl.edu.my/

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About Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is a government agency under the purview of the
Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia entrusted to lead Malaysia’s digital economy

Incorporated in 1996 to oversee the development of the MSC Malaysia initiative, MDEC’s primary
mandate today is to accelerate the growth of digitally-skilled Malaysians, digitally-powered businesses
and digital investments in Malaysia. MDEC is focused on creating inclusive, high-quality growth through
the nationwide digitalisation initiatives that are in line with the Government’s Shared Prosperity Vision
2030 in line with Malaysia 5.0 and firmly establishing Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN.
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To find out more about MDEC’s Digital Economy initiatives, please visit us at www.corpwebv3prd.wpengine.com or follow
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About Sunway Education Group
The Sunway Education Group, which commenced with the establishment of Sunway College in 1987,
is an entity synonymous with quality education. Owned and governed by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation,
the Sunway Education Group consists of Sunway University, Sunway College, Sunway International
School as well as 12 other institutions.

The Sunway Campus in Sunway City, Kuala Lumpur is a hub of multicultural interaction, a platform for
sharing, learning and networking. In its aim to deliver high quality education, conducive study environment and overall learning experience, Sunway University has received recognition that places
it on par with, the long established international institutions.

In the QS Stars ratings, Sunway University obtained an overall 5 Stars. The QS Stars ratings focuses
on areas such as teaching and employability. Sunway University has been rated 5 Stars in these
categories; employability, facilities, inclusiveness, social responsibility and teaching.

Sunway College in the MyQuest 2016/2017, received 6 stars in the college-based rating, international
student services and general programmes cluster with 5 stars in the Social Sciences, Business and
Law cluster, further proving itself as a leading learning institution in Malaysia. The Malaysian Quality
Evaluation System for Private Colleges (MyQUEST) is one of the most authoritative ratings for
Malaysian private colleges.

Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) launched in March 2010 operates upon the philosophy of its Founder
and Trustee, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah AO, who is passionate about giving back to society through
education. To date, a total of more than RM538 million in scholarships has been disbursed by the
Foundation to thousands of deserving students. The amount continues to grow as the Foundation
remains steadfast in its commitment to giving to society through quality higher education.

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