Kembara Bus.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) together with PINTAR Foundation, an organisation that spearheads school adoption programmes, rolled out a mobile learning unit under the national #mydigitalmaker initiative with the mission of creating exposure and opportunities to digital education for some 100,000 students in rural, sub-urban and underprivileged schools

Supported by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MoE), the mobilisation of “Kembara #mydigitalmaker bersama PINTAR” aims to expose students, teachers, parents, and local communities in rural Malaysia to digital making content and tools. This will ultimately steer students’ interests in digital making and later develop a more concrete understanding of digital technology and its exciting future.

Digital technology corporations such as Microsoft Malaysia, Google Malaysia, DiGi Telecommunications, Sasbadi, Designex3D, Cytron Technologies, Janalima, Centillion Robotics, Acestar and Maker21 are among the industry partners that will be showcasing learning modules and content covering robotics, creative animation, virtual reality, apps development, cyber safety as well as 3D printing and modelling in the mobile learning unit.

Our contract with Yayasan Pintar for Kembara Bus has officially come to an end in May 2019. Let’s read what our programme facilitator from Yayasan Pintar has to say.