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Data has become one of the most valuable assets in our present era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), a key source enabling insight-driven decisions. Its potential for opportunities is precisely why organisations need to strengthen their understanding and ability to manage and use data to their advantage. Done well, it could even open up doors to the development and deployment of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

AI can, in turn, help organisations drive greater growth through solutions that improve efficiency and customer experience. Not forgetting the possibility for new products, there’s no better time than now for organisations to start building their AI capabilities. But harnessing the power of AI can be complex, with the adherence to governance, ethics, security, control, and monitoring paramount to responsible deployment. What are some best practices to approach this?

Join us at our complimentary 2-day virtual event where we will discuss the opportunities that data and AI can bring, and share insights on addressing their risks. By improving awareness and understanding, we aim to inspire greater adoption nationwide.

13th August 2021, 9:00am – 12:00pm

9.00 am
Opening remarks
9.02 am
PwC’s Responsible AI framework (including demonstration of certain artefacts and tools)

To innovate responsibly, a holistic framework is needed for addressing unfamiliar risks. PwC’s Responsible AI Toolkit adopts an approach to address risks across three main dimensions and 11 sub-dimensions. The session will also discuss some challenges faced by organisations in operationalising AI, so they can better identify immediate actions to take.


Dr. Anand Rao, Global Artificial Intelligence Lead, PwC US

Ilana Golbin, Director, PwC US

10.00 am
Panel discussion: What does good AI governance look like?

Developing and deploying AI can be a complex undertaking. For trust to fit in, organisations need to incorporate measures that govern AI systems and processes. This would help strengthen models and build trust in them. What are some best practices we can learn from organisations who’ve been through the AI journey?


Ong Khai Chiat, Partner, Risk Assurance Services, PwC Malaysia


Roslind Kaur, Axiata Group Technology, Collective Brains, IT, Network

Eddy Liew, Tech Sales Leader, IBM Malaysia

Bharat Kumar, Director Shared Services, Schlumberger KL Hub

11.10 am
11.50 am
Closing remarks


Michael Graham, Chief Digital Officer, PwC Malaysia

Dr. Karl Ng, Director, Data Ecosystem Development, MDEC

12.00 pm